James Gunn Was Hired Back By Marvel Just One Day After Announcing The Suicide Squad

James Gunn has revealed in a recent interview with Empire that Marvel hired him back just one day after it was announced he was making The Suicide Squad for DC.

During the interview, he revealed that he reconnected with Marvel just one day after it was announced he was making a Suicide Squad movie.

Here’s what he said:

It was a happy ending, but it was also scary, because I actually got the call from Alan Horn long before it was announced: it happened literally the day after I agreed to do The Suicide Squad.

After hearing from Disney’s chief creative officer and co-chairman, Alan Horn, Gunn knew he had to update Kevin Feige on his next project.

When he told Feige he was making a DC movie, the MCU boss asked: “Is it Superman?”

Gunn then told Fiege that it wasn’t a Superman movie – however, that was apparently on the cards.

When Gunn told Feige that he was making a Suicide Squad movie, Feige had a little bit of advice for the director.

“Please, please make a good movie. Just… make a great movie,” he said.

James Gunn was rehired by Marvel just one day after being revealed as The Suicide Squad’s director

James Gunn Peter Capaldi The Suicide Squad

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel and DC Comics have been rivals for as long as the two companies have been in existence.

Yet, they are still fans of what the other company does.

They’re comic book fans, and just want these comic book movies to be good.

Gunn also added that: “Kevin knew who all those characters were for months before we revealed them at FanDome.”

He added: “He still knows who the villain is. I think he’s pretty trustworthy with his NDA!”

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