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James Gunn Has Cancelled His Evil Superman Sequel Movie


In an unexpected twist of fate, James Gunn, the mastermind behind some of the most unconventional superhero movies, has officially shelved his plans for a sequel to Brightburn, a dark, twisted take on the Superman mythology.

This news has sent shockwaves through the comic book movie fandom, especially those who had been eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this dark superman saga.

Gunn expressed the cancellation news via Instagram Threads, citing complicated rights issues as the insurmountable barrier.

The Dark Flight of Brightburn


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Brightburn, released in 2019, presented audiences with a harrowing inversion of the Superman tale, portraying a child from another world who, instead of becoming a hero, spirals into villainy.

The movie’s chilling narrative and cliffhanger ending had set the stage for a sequel, or potentially, a new cinematic universe exploring this sinister version of a super-powered being.

However, James Gunn’s recent revelation indicates that the tangled web of rights has put these plans into an indefinite hiatus.

A Sequel Lost in Legal Limbo

Since the release of Brightburn, fans have been teased with the potential of a sequel that would delve deeper into the dark journey of its protagonist.

Gunn himself had hinted at the likelihood of a follow-up, but the complex rights situation, combined with his packed schedule—including major projects like The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3—has led to the project’s unfortunate stagnation.

Gunn’s Superhero Filmography


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James Gunn’s unique blend of humour, horror, and heroism has made him a distinctive voice in the superhero genre.

His ability to juxtapose light-hearted elements with dark, introspective themes has earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

With the cancellation of the Brightburn sequel, questions arise about the unexplored avenues and narratives that could have expanded Gunn’s dark superhero universe.

The Impact on Gunn’s Legacy

Despite the setback with the Brightburn sequel, Gunn’s filmography remains impressive, spanning across various genres and often subverting traditional superhero tropes.

His role as co-chairman and CEO of DC Studios hints at more innovative projects to come, potentially reshaping the superhero landscape in unexpected ways.

Final Thoughts on this cancelled Brightburn sequel


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James Gunn’s decision to cancel the sequel to Brightburn marks a poignant moment in the filmmaker’s career, reflecting the often unpredictable nature of the movie industry.

While fans may mourn what could have been a groundbreaking series, Gunn’s ongoing contributions to cinema, especially within the superhero genre, continue to excite and intrigue audiences worldwide.

The story of Brightburn and its aborted sequel serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges of creative endeavors in the film industry.

As Gunn moves forward with new projects, his work on Brightburn will remain a tantalizing glimpse into a darker universe that might have been.

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You can stream Brightburn on Netflix right now in the United Kingdom.