Huawei’s New App Could Make The P40 Pro 2020’s Best Phone Even Without Google Play Store

Huawei has launched a new app for its P40 and P40 Pro phones and it could end up making them 2020’s best phones despite not having access to the Google Play Store.

I tested a Huawei P40 phone this year. I made it very clear in my review how much I loved the phone.

However, the main issue I had with the phone was that I couldn’t use many of the apps I use on a general basis.

One of the issues for me might be because I am far too reliant on Google’s apps.

I love watching videos on YouTube and I think the Gmail app is great.

There are ways to get these apps on your phone, yet I wouldn’t recommend them.

That said, there were still some non-Google apps you couldn’t get, even with Phone Clone.

Huawei’s new Petal Search app is a real game-changer

Huawei new petal search app

Huawei’s new Petal Search app could change everything – Credit: Huawei

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However, there’s now a way you can get almost all the apps you need without access to the Google Play Store.

This app is called Petal Search and you can download it for yourselves right here.

Here’s what a representative from Huawei told me about their new Petal Search app:

Petal Search is a new search widget that helps HMS device owners to seamlessly find the apps, content and news they are looking for. Designed by Huawei and powered by Huawei’s third-party search partners, this new tool gives HMS users an easier way to access a million apps as well as more control over what and how people download onto their devices – bringing their users’ open access and choice in the world of apps in a way they haven’t had before.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to buying a Huawei phone now?

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