Hobbs & Shaw: Idris Elba Joins Dwayne Johnson And Jason Statham In New Photo

The Hobbs & Shaw movie is currently filming, and a new photo from the Fast & Furious spinoff film has been released which shows Idris Elba alongside Dayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jason Statham were easily the best things about the last Fast & Furious movie (sorry, Vin Diesel).

I just wanted more of them on-screen, especially together, and then it was revealed that my – and many others’ – dream was going to come true.

It was announced that Johnson and Statham were going to star in a Hobbs & Shaw movie which was going to take place outside of the Fast & Furious main franchise.

This seemed like a stroke of genius because both actors are great on-screen presences, very charismatic and they deserved more screen time.

Yet, if those two together wasn’t enough, it was then announced that Idris Elba would be joining them as a new character called Brixton.

the fate of the furious dwayne johnson
Dwayne Johnson in Fast and Furious 8

That’s some excellent casting right there. However, I’m not so keen on the name, especially given the fact lab’s actually from Hackney, not Brixton.

Yet, I do suppose ‘Brixton’ has a better ring to it than ‘Hackney’ does, but I still think the latter would have worked.

There’s now a picture posted via Johnson’s Instagram account, in which Hobbs, Shaw and Brixton can be seen standing looking menacingly at the camera.

This film is quickly becoming my most anticipated film of 2019.

David Leitch will be directing the picture, who’s fresh off the huge success that was Deadpool 2.

He’ll be working from a script by Chris Morgan who’s been a regular writer of the Fast & Furious movies since Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw is slated to hit UK cinemas August 2nd, 2019.

Are you guys ready for it, because we certainly are!

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