What To Expect From His Dark Materials Season 3


His Dark Materials Season 3 is coming to the BBC in the UK and HBO in the United States. But, what should we expect to see from the upcoming season? If ever there was a series that needs the phrase ‘hotly anticipated return’ attached to it, it would be the BBC’s adaptation of the trilogy His Dark Materials. Based on the set of bestselling novels by Philip Pullman, series 1 and 2 have respectively adapted the first and second books for the screen.

While there has been a slight delay between the second series, the third being commissioned and latterly filmed, series 3 will soon be on our screens later this year.

Want to get ahead and know what will happen? Here are some possibilities of what series 3 will contain – assuming that the production sticks to most of the book, as it has largely done so already. Please bear in mind that from this point forward, there are some potential spoilers, based on a reading of The Amber Spyglass.

His Dark Materials Season 3 to feature a shocking character death


Credit: BBC

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Can we all agree that Lee Scoresby is one of the purest characters? Lee Manuel Miranda (Scoresby) and Ruth Wilson both won praise for a particular scene in His Dark Materials Season 2.

In the opening of the third book, there is a shock character death. True to form, Lee Scoresby shockingly dies within the first few pages, in something of a shoot-out in order to protect the main character Lyra. This is the girl who he views as his daughter – and the scene is emotively written.

The name of the girl will at once be revealed

Who is Eve, the mother of all creation, and what could that possibly mean? Only time will tell. 

Lord Asriel will raise an army to battle the Heavens, against The Authority

The recently released trailer sees more of James MacAvoy, who plays the character of Lord Asriel. Although somewhat missing in action for series 2, he will be back in full force for this series. In His Dark Materials Season 3, he looks set to battle against The Authority, an enigmatic being we have yet to learn about, but one whose name, The Magisterium, acts repressively.

His character had been plotting away secretly, researching how to go between worlds without the seductive wizardry of The Subtle Knife – and he is a murderer for it. But what will happen while in battle? Only time will tell. 

There Is A Lot On Representation – And We Are Here For It 

If you read the books, there are some excellent examples of representation that are so sorely needed – and if we had this intersectional approach continued on screen, it would be a balm to the soul. Here at Small Screen, we have already written about how great representation has been across His Dark Materials seasons 1 and 2 – including race, background, disability and other factors. More of this, please! And it seems that, assuming His Dark Materials Season 3 is as true to the books as seasons 1 and 2 were, we are in for a treat.

What Are The Intentions Of Mrs Coulter?


Credit: BBC

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Bejewelled in her artfully colourful suits and other attire, Ruth Wilson as Mrs Coulter has attracted praise for the range of her performances over Seasons 1 and 2. In a world of institutionalised sexism, this is a woman who has used all her gifts to try to get ahead in a field she desperately wants to be a part of, and she knows, as well as understands, the manipulative power that she holds over other individuals.

But what are her intentions? She is the mother of Lyra but being a parent does not always necessarily mean you have the best interests of your offspring at heart. She differs wildly from Asriel, but they share similar interests and aims. The intention is hard to read – and only time will tell…

Mrs Coulter and Lord Asriel Sacrifice Themselves To Save Their Daughter

One of the most artfully choreographed scenes in The Amber Spyglass is when Mrs Coulter and Lord Asriel both effectively sacrifice themselves in order to save their daughter. The politics of this scene are rather questionable, especially when you look at their past actions – but it is written in spectacular fashion.

 There Is A Visit To The Land Of The Dead – And Things Get Philosophical

How do you explain to a child what happens when somebody dies? Arguably this book provides something of a metaphor – or at least a discussion point. However, I digress.

Throughout seasons 1 and 2, we have seen Lyra haunted by her friend, whom Lord Asriel killed in pursuit of his experiments to step between worlds; footage strategically at the end of different episodes shows a small boy calling out to her.

In the book, Lyra and Will set off to the Land Of The Dead, in pursuit of… well, that needs to be left up to your imagination.

While in this underworld, a wide range of themes are explored – such as how to live your life, and so much more. There is a problem quickly corrected in the Land Of The Dead, enabling those who die to take their rightful place in the universe. There is also a shock appearance from 2 individuals – one being Lee Scoresby, who is still protecting the child from beyond the grave.

Things will get philosophical.

It’s A Little Bit More Than A Teenage Romance 

The ending will be bittersweet, and it is a little more than just ‘a teenage romance’. Tissues at the ready. 

There Is A Possibility Left Open For Reunion In His Dark Materials Season 3

This is not directly alluded to – but if you read the other work by Philip Pullman, there is possibly a possibility that has been left open for a possible reunion. Will and Lyra are heartbreakingly separated at the end of the series; each must go back to their respective worlds, owing to possible sickness. But there is a spin-off series of books, the last is still being written – with fan speculation there could be a reunion at some stage.

His Dark Materials Season 3, will be broadcast later this year via the BBC. His Dark Materials will be available also via HBO from December 5th.


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