People Trying To Cancel Henry Cavill Because He Dated Gina Carano

It’s been revealed that people are starting to try and get Henry Cavill cancelled after they found out that he used to date Gina Carano. This is very, very dumb and it’s all over Twitter.

So, I’m pretty sure you all heard that Gina Carano was fired by Lucasfilm from The Mandalorian. I won’t go into why she was fired. I’m sure you all know the story by now. However, this story hasn’t ended here. People have no just realized that she used to date Henry Cavill back in 2013, and some of these people are now trying to cancel the British actor for it.

This is so strange to me, and I’ve posted just a few of the tweets below in which people complain about Cavill having dated Gina Carano. Honestly, I think this is so stupid and people go to ridiculous extremes. I think we all just need to chill a bit.

People want Henry Cavill cancelled after they find out he dated Gina Carano

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The other reason people are trying to cancel Henry Cavill is because he didn’t say anything on Twitter about Sasha Calle being cast as Supergirl. First off, Cavill doesn’t have Twitter. Secondly, why should he post something on social media about it? I don’t really get it.

Yes, Brandon Routh, Cameron Cuff and Melissa Benoist all posted a ‘welcome to the DC Comics family’ sort of post after it was revealed that Calle was cast in The Flash movie. However, does that mean Henry should also post something? I didn’t see Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller or Ray Fisher post anything… And they didn’t have to.

What do you make of this news? Do you think all this cancelling nonsense needs to stop? What do you make of the news that Henry Cavill used to date Gina Carano? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. siempre44

    The irony and horror that these brownshirt fake progressive are ‘canceling ‘ humans at all is just sad. That the canceling is based on a person saying canceling is how the Holocaust started is both historically accurate and again,too ironic.
    Canceling is tyranny. Canceling is a group trying to take power by destroying a person or a group .
    Let everyone be heard and let ideas and differences be talked about openly.

  2. Richard

    And thus we see that the cancel culture truly is a fanatical movement of Nazi mentality and that this woman’s original Twitter that brought her into such scorn was absolutely correct.

    This is a Nazi movement that we are fighting a true communist socialist underclass that seeks for nothing more than to destroy their adversary at any possible means regardless of the logic or illogic in their movements it’s all about the rabid hunt to murder the opposition.

    Shame on left-wing liberal Democrats!

    Shame on the snowflake culture that takes offense at everything and stops at nothing to become what they despise which is actually best described as, a Nazi!

    American is truly in a dilemma as are many other parts of the world because of this race towards destruction.

    and so we are here today two classes totally divided and ready for the divorce of the century. It is impossible to sleep with a Viper and not get bit so how can we coexist as a nation when two camps can see nothing but disdain for the other.

    The far left radical Nazi mentality movement is unable to be negotiated with because anytime you give them an inch they will look at it as if it is a weakness on your part and exploit that. They have no desire to extend a hand or two give any quarter.

    I would be happy to see this revolution come about sooner rather than later. And we can thank nothing more than these cancel culture type people for that because they do not want to live in a country with you if you do not agree with them what they want is to destroy you and have you cease to exist.

    So let’s get it on now and that’s what January the 6th was about..

  3. Cancel, the cancel culture!

    It appears that what this original Twitter comment about America being compared to the Nazi state is 100% true and the Nazis are the cancel culture left.

    The snowflake culture are hardline Marxist communist infiltrators. They believe in guilt by association even in the most benign sense.

    And this is why America is in such dire straits because we have given voice to these lunatics and many of you have even voted them into office so shame on you.

    It is impossible to sleep with a Viper and not hope to get bit so why do we allow these snakes in our midst.

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