Hannibal Season 4 Would Be Inception Meets Angel Heart Says Bryan Fuller

Hannibal Season 4 would be Inception meets Angel Heart according to the show’s creator, Bryan Fuller, and that sounds perfect to us. Fuller revealed this news during a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Fans of Hannibal, the show, have been pleading for a Season 4 for what seems like years. It’s probably because it has been years since Hannibal Season 3 was released. It was then announced that there would be no more seasons of the incredible TV show.

Bryan Fuller has been very vocal about him trying to get a Season 4 made, possibly at Netflix. Yet, we haven’t heard any news yet regarding whether there has been a Hannibal Season 4 given the greenlight.

It does sound like they are having conversations. This could be due to the level of popularity the show has seen on the streaming platform ever since the first three seasons were made available on Netflix.

Hannibal Season 4 could end up being Inception meets Angel Heart

Hannibal-Netflix Season 4

Credit: Netflix

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Fuller has been talking about what potential Hannibal Season 4 would look and feel like during his Rolling Stone interview:

“It was not so much about a rebranding as [being] able to go back to earlier dynamics through a brand new prism, which was Hannibal and Will getting to know each other from a different state of mind. I’d want to play point-of-view in a dramatic way. I think I’ve said that season four is Inception meets Angel Heart. And that means that there’s going to be considerable mind-palacing and obfuscating of reality, or at least the perception of reality. And the thing that I’m most excited about is, because there’s going to be such a mental landscape to explore, that means actors who play characters who have previously died can manifest in the mess of Will Graham’s brain.”

What do you make of this story? Would you like to see Bryan Fuller make Hannibal Season 4 for Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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