Hailee Steinfeld Wants To Play Live-Action Spider-Woman


Hailee Steinfeld, known for her role as Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman in the animated Spider-Verse, has expressed her desire to jump into the live-action universe. The actress’s recent success in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and the announcement that Miles Morales will soon transition to live-action have spurred speculation about a similar move for Spider-Woman.

When asked about the possibility, Steinfeld enthusiastically responded, calling it the easiest “Yes!” of her career.

A Different Approach to the Character

Sydney Sweeney Playing Spider-Woman In Madame Web Movie

Credit: Marvel Comics Group

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Steinfeld was asked how her performance might change were she to portray Spider-Woman in a live-action project. Reflecting on her experiences with the animated version, she expressed that there was a balance between maintaining the grounded and authentic feel of the character while also exploring the expansive possibilities of animation. The actress admitted there may have been a time when she felt the need to overcompensate in her performance because of the lack of live-action presence, but she quickly realised that wasn’t necessary.

She shared, “There may have been a time where I felt the need to overcompensate because it wasn’t live-action. It wasn’t me doing the thing. So I felt like in order for you to feel it on the other end, I had to go bigger, but I very quickly realized that there’s no need for that.” With the diverse animation styles, the significant role of music, and the moving score, Steinfeld found her main task was to feel as real in the material as possible.

When asked about how she might deliver the lines differently in live-action, she mused, “That’s such an interesting thing. I imagine if they’re coming from the same place, it would feel similar, but with some physicality added in there, it would inherently be different”.

Scenes to Look Forward To

Steinfeld also shared her enthusiasm for the prospect of recreating certain scenes from the animated film in a live-action setting. “I would love to do the scene between Gwen and her father where she reveals her secret identity. That was the first that came to mind, and then, honestly, any scene in this film where Gwen is doing something that would require me to do some wild, wild stunt that I wouldn’t consider doing anywhere else,” she revealed.

Anticipation for a Spider-Woman Movie


Credit: Apple TV Plus

Speculation about a live-action Spider-Woman film has increased following producer Avi Arad’s recent tease that a Spider-Woman project may be on the horizon “sooner than you expect.” While the nature of this project remains under wraps, fans are eager to see if it could potentially be a live-action adaptation featuring Steinfeld.

Currently, Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman continues to captivate audiences in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which picks up over a year after the events of the first movie. The story follows Miles Morales as he navigates the Multiverse, meeting its protectors, known as the Spider-Society, and grappling with the responsibility of heroism.

Looking Ahead

While fans eagerly await further news on a potential live-action Spider-Woman project, they can look forward to the third instalment of the animated Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, slated for release on March 29, 2024.

Whether or not we see Steinfeld don the Spider-Woman suit in live-action remains to be seen. However, her passion and enthusiasm for the character, combined with her proven talent in the role, make heran exciting prospect for a future adaptation. The thought of seeing beloved scenes recreated with live-action stunts and emotional depth is an enticing one, and fans of the Spider-Verse will no doubt be watching with anticipation as developments unfold.

The Spider-Verse Continues to Expand


Credit: Sony Pictures

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The Spider-Verse continues to expand, with the success of the animated series spawning a multitude of possibilities for character development and spinoffs. The recent announcement of Miles Morales’ transition to live-action has stirred excitement amongst fans, and a similar leap for Spider-Woman could well be on the cards. Given the popularity of these characters and the Spider-Verse’s established ability to interweave their stories, a live-action Spider-Woman film featuring Steinfeld would be a welcome addition to the franchise.

If the leap is made, Steinfeld’s transition to a live-action Spider-Woman would mark another exciting chapter in the ever-evolving Spider-Verse. With her portrayal of Gwen Stacy already proving a hit with audiences, the potential for her to bring this much-loved character to life in a new format is undoubtedly thrilling. Steinfeld’s commitment to maintaining the authenticity of her character, whether in animation or live-action, promises a nuanced and faithful interpretation of Spider-Woman should the project come to fruition.

From Animation to Live-Action: A Seamless Transition?

The leap from animation to live-action isn’t always an easy one, but Steinfeld’s thoughtful approach to her character suggests she would navigate the transition with skill. Her understanding of the balance between authenticity and the expansive possibilities of animation indicates that she is well-prepared to handle the challenges of live-action. Fans can only hope that this potential project will offer the opportunity to see Steinfeld’s Spider-Woman in a new light, bringing fresh perspectives to the character while maintaining the essence of what has made her so beloved.

As the Spider-Verse continues to spin its web of stories, the potential for a live-action Spider-Woman film is an exciting prospect. With Steinfeld at the helm, audiences could look forward to a faithful, nuanced portrayal that honours the character’s roots while exploring new dimensions. It’s a tantalising possibility that has fans everywhere buzzing with anticipation.

In the world of comic adaptations, the leap from animation to live-action is a significant one, but with Steinfeld’s desire and readiness to take on the challenge, fans may be in for a real treat. Whether or not we see Steinfeld don the Spider-Woman suit in live-action, her love for the character and the Spider-Verse is clear, and it is this passion that continues to captivate audiences.

The wait may soon be over for fans of Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman. As Steinfeld says, the chance to play the character in a live-action project would be the easiest “Yes!” of her career. Only time will tell if this becomes a reality, but one thing is for certain: the future of the Spider-Verse looks promising, and fans are eager to see what comes next.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Hailee Steinfeld play Spider-Woman in live-action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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