Green Lantern Series On HBO Max Might Have A Black Female Lantern As Its Lead Character

It’s being rumoured that the upcoming Green Lantern series on HBO Max could feature a black female lantern as its lead character. If this is true, this would be a pretty interesting and forward-thinking decision.

This news comes from The Direct, who claim that this new Green Lantern series is going to be quite different from what many people might have thought it would be. Firstly, it’s being rumoured that the show will focus on Guy Gardner, Alan Scott, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz as its main characters.

Secondly, it’s now being reported that the show will also feature a black female lantern as its lead. They’re reporting that the character’s name could be Bree Jarta. They went on to add that they’re not sure whether this is her actual name or just a codename.

According to The Direct’s report, she will be half-human and half-aline. She’ll have a human father and alien mother and has grown up in an advanced alien society on another planet. She has also been described as being extremely committed to the Green Lantern Corp cause and very hard-working. Bree Jarta is also very keen on upholding the Green Lantern Corps’ key values.

The new Green Lantern HBO Max series could feature a female black lantern as its lead

Green Lantern Series HBO Max

Credit: HBO Max

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Their report goes on to add that she will be partnered with another Green Lantern called Guy Gardner, and The Direct’s sources are claiming that there could be some friction between the two. It sounds like they won’t be seeing things eye to eye. This could be a very interesting dynamic for the show.

Finally, the report claims that this new female black lantern character will not be based on Sojourner Mullein who was recently introduced in the comic books. I for one cannot wait to see how this series unfolds. It’s being written by Marc Guggenheim who’s also on board as an executive producer.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing this Green Lantern series on HBO Max? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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