Grant Morrison Shuts Down Zack Snyder’s Defence Of Making Batman A Killer


In the latest superhero controversy, famed comic book writer Grant Morrison has publicly rebutted Zack Snyder’s rationale for depicting Batman as a killer in his cinematic universe. Morrison, known for their seminal work on Batman, expressed strong views against Snyder’s darker interpretation of the Caped Crusader, sparking a debate that has rippled through the fan community and industry alike. This clash of creative titans brings to the forefront the ongoing discussion about the essence and ethics of superhero portrayals in modern cinema.

The Great Debate


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Grant Morrison’s Critique

Grant Morrison, whose tenure on Batman comics is celebrated for its depth and innovation, has openly criticized Zack Snyder’s decision to portray Batman as a character who kills. In a recent newsletter, Morrison argued that this interpretation strays significantly from the core principles that have defined Batman for decades, suggesting a fundamental misunderstanding of the character’s moral compass.

“If Batman killed his enemies, he’d be the Joker, and Commissioner Gordon would have to lock him up!” Morrison argued in the latest issue of their newsletter before going even deeper into the psychology of the classic hero.

Here’s what he had to say on Snyder’s Batman comments (via ScreenRant):

“That Batman puts himself in danger every night but steadfastly refuses to murder is an essential element of the character’s magnificent, horrendous, childlike psychosis,” Morrison writes, speaking to the hero’s code of honor that was locked in from the time he was a small child. In a way, Bruce Wayne never really grew out of that “childlike” state, stuck forever as the little boy who lost his parents in Crime Alley. Morrison describes this as “fundamental to (Batman’s) grandeur as a fictional adventure hero! Is this not obvious?”

Snyder’s Stance

Zack Snyder, on the other hand, has defended his version of Batman, arguing that a more ruthless and lethal approach to the character is a realistic adaptation for contemporary audiences. Snyder’s Batman, notably in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is depicted as a battle-weary vigilante who has crossed lines that the traditional Batman would not.

The Philosophy of Batman


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What Batman Stands For

The debate between Morrison and Snyder touches on deeper philosophical questions about what Batman represents as a symbol. Traditionally, Batman’s refusal to kill is a cornerstone of his character, embodying his struggle against becoming the very darkness he fights. Morrison emphasizes this aspect, viewing Batman’s restraint as essential to his heroism.

Realism vs. Idealism

Snyder’s interpretation of Batman introduces a grittier, more nihilistic dimension to the character, reflecting a world where ideals often buckle under the weight of harsh realities. This vision has supporters who appreciate the raw, unvarnished approach to superhero storytelling, even as it faces criticism for betraying the character’s fundamental ideals.

Final Thoughts on Grant Morrison’s opinion on Zack Snyder’s Batman comments


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The spirited exchange between Grant Morrison and Zack Snyder highlights a broader conversation about the nature of superhero narratives and their evolution in modern media. Morrison’s rebuke of Snyder’s Batman as a killer has ignited discussions on fidelity to source material and the adaptational liberties filmmakers can or should take.

In closing, while the debate rages on, what remains clear is the enduring impact and cultural significance of Batman as a character who continues to inspire, challenge, and reflect the societal values and dilemmas of our times. Whether as a dark knight or a beacon of unwavering principle, Batman’s legacy is a testament to the complex and often contentious nature of icon-making in the 21st century.

What do you make of this news? Do you think Grant Morrion’s opinion on Zack Snyder’s defence of making Batman a killer is correct? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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