At Least One Of GOTG Vol 3’s Cast Will Be In Superman: Legacy


After GOTG Vol 3 of Marvel Studios, James Gunn is keen on casting at least one actor for his upcoming Superman: Legacy for DC Studios. Talking about Gunn as a writer-director, it isn’t new for the filmmaker to rope in actors whom he has worked with before into his new projects.

As half of the main decision-makers of DC Studios, it likely expedites certain actor choices for the titles he will be writing and directing under their new DC slate, Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. Many have accused Gunn of nepotism, citing his tendency to cast his wife, Jennifer Holland, and his brother, Sean Gunn.

While Gunn is not performing any work that is of writing capacity for any project under DC Studios due to the ongoing writer’s strike, he still answers questions regarding Superman: Legacy project development. These days inquiries about the cast of characters in particular.

Because of his successful closure of the Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel, the actors in the project are technically available for future productions. Dave Bautista has expressed that he no longer wishes to continue being Drax in the MCU. Zoe Saldana has also expressed that it is time for new characters to get the spotlight.

Even Pom Klementieff has just disclosed that she is having conversations regarding a DC role. She did so during the red carpet premiere of GOTG Vol 3, in fact. Although, the Mantis actress did not disclose the character and stated that nothing is official as of the moment. But at the time, things are positively going forward for her.

James Gunn Says 1 GOTG Vol 3 Character May find Their Way Into Superman: Legacy

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Fans have always taken into Gunn’s social media accounts, particularly on Twitter, to air their concerns, ask their questions, state their suggestions and even commend his actions. A recent interaction reveals another development about the casting in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy.

Not a week ago, Gunn opened his wall for inquiries with the condition that the question would be about GOTG Vol 3 and that it should be answerable by a yes or a no.

Twitter user, @Batclaw02 asked:

Will any cast member for Gotg be in Superman Legacy?

To which James Gunn replied:


To be fair, the question did not funnel down the character to the lead role of Superman or any specific actor in the current Marvel movie. As such, if Gunn decided Weasel or Emilia Harcourt to appear in Superman: Legacy, then he would still be telling the truth in this conversation.

Holland appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 as Administrator Kwol. Meanwhile, Gunn’s brother Sean appeared as Kraglin / Young Rocket.

So if ever their DC characters find their way into the movie that will set the pace and tone for the new DCU, their feet are already through the doorway.

However, if we take into consideration that Gunn may be pertaining to at least one of the band of intergalactic misfits, then Klementieff may just be that one possibility. Klementieff has actually appeared in the Peacemaker series. And because of that, chances are quite high for her to be the Guardian, who will be in the new Superman movie.

James Gunn Could Take More Than 1 GOTG Vol 3 Actor into Superman: Legacy

James Gunn Has Almost Finished Superman Legacy's Script

Credit: DC Comics

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The fact of the matter is that Gunn has the power to decide who comes in as whom in Superman: Legacy. Before the ongoing writers’ strike started, he was already able to turn in his script for the movie. In fact, executives are already reviewing its merits.

James Gunn has also declared that he wants his Superman to have the most Humanity in him despite being an alien himself. Someone who is highly huggable.

At the red carpet premiere of the third Guardians movie, he immediately put the suspicions of Chris Pratt being Clark Kent to rest. But that is only because he isn’t at the right age anymore. He commented if Pratt were younger, then he may have considered the thought.

Still, casting news about James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy in DC Studios would still likely, fully arrive during the SDCC. What a time to be a comic book fan!

What do you make of the possibility that at least 1 GOTG Vol 3 actor will be cast in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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