Future Live-Action Disney Villain Films We Need To See


Disney have been producing some impressive live-action remakes for quite a few years now, and their most recent addition, Cruella was an absolute delight that showcased a completely different side to the iconic villain.

Within Disney’s huge catalogue of intellectual properties, there are many other villain background stories that they could explore in future films. Here are five that we really hope to see one day.



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One of Disney’s most sadistic villains of all time, Jafar, certainly must have an interesting background story that would make for a great film. In Aladdin, Jafar is the Sultans most trusted advisor, despite Jafar’s hatred for him and his daughter, Princess Jasmine. Eventually, Jafar ends up becoming Sultan and at one point he even becomes a genie too, which ultimately allows for Aladdin to defeat him.

A Jafar movie could go through the journey that he went through that eventually caused for him to become the Sultans advisor. Along the way we could learn why he hates the Sultan, and what drives him towards this path of greed and hatred that we witnessed in Aladdin. And of course, I think we would all like to find out how Jafar met his most trusted advisor, his parrot – Lago.



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Known for his funny personality and hot temper, Hades is by far one of Disney’s most entertaining villains of all time. He is the younger brother of the powerful god, Zeus and he’s also the archnemesis of Hercules, and he also happens to be the ruler of the Underworld.

One major reason why Disney should heavily consider making a Hades movie is because it would allow for them to explore a completely different kind of environment and period that we haven’t seen yet in any of their other live-action remakes. Just imagine how incredible the Underworld could look especially.

But also, this could give Disney the opportunity to make quite a dark and mature film too. Hades is a very evil character, therefore if Disney did go ahead with creating this film, there can’t be too many one-liners and silly jokes thrown into the mix.



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With the live-action adaption of The Little Mermaid coming out real soon, it would make perfect sense for Disney to consider making an Ursula movie for the near future too.

Ursula is one of Disney’s most iconic villains of all time. Her character has the perfect blend of confidence and evil, something that not a lot of Disney’s villains have. We already know quite a bit about Ursula’s background story as it was briefly explained in the 1989 adaption of The Little Mermaid. We know that she was a royalty in her own right, but she was forced by King Triton to leave the kingdom because of her greed and lust for power. On top of that, Ursula was experimenting with the dark arts which was forbidden.

Immediately this sets up a great background story that could contain great elements of sorcery, drama and betrayal, one that no doubt a lot of diehard Disney fans would certainly love to see.

Captain Hook


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Let’s be honest here, we all kind of feel sorry for Captain Hook. Because of Peter Pan, he’s missing one of his hands, which makes for a genuine and realistic grievance that for once allows us to understand a villains motive.

A backstory on Hook could explore his early years, and showcase how he went on to become such a fierce captain and leader. It would be really good to see how Hook met his trusted sidekick, Mr Smead too.

In addition, intense and action-packed scenes that involve Hook squaring off against Pan would make for some great moments. And it would be great if Disney portrayed Hook as the victim here, instead of just being the villain.

Also, Disney is not exactly complete strangers for when it comes to making pirate movies, therefore this should certainly be a film that we should hopefully see in future years.

Dr Facilier


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The most recent villain on this list within Disney’s catalogue, Dr Facilier from The Princess and The Frog is a remarkable character that certainly deserves to have its own standalone film.

Facilier is a charismatic witch doctor who tries to take over New Orleans by using a combination of magic and spells to create an army that is made up of people from the dead, sounds a bit creepy for a Disney villain, but it would sure make for a great and pretty creepy origin story.

Exploring how Facilier became a witch doctor and seeing him learn all about magic and spirits could make for great entertainment, especially if we got to see how being exposed to all this power would slowly make him become greedy and evil. Also, just imagine how amazing the CGI could look in this film too.

What did you make of this list?

What other Disney villains deserve their own film?

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