First Look At The Pinocchio Horror Movie Revealed And It’s Terrifying


In a spine-chilling twist to a classic tale, the first look at the upcoming Pinocchio horror movie has been revealed (via Bloody Disgusting), and it’s nothing short of terrifying. This new adaptation takes the beloved story of Pinocchio and turns it into a nightmarish vision that is sure to haunt viewers. Titled Pinocchio: Unstrung, the film is being produced by Jagged Edged Productions, the same company behind the unsettling Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey and its sequel.

The image released shows a skeletal version of Pinocchio in a workshop, complete with spindly fingers, skinny limbs studded with nails, a massive grimacing mouth full of teeth, and a bulging eye. This grotesque rendition of the puppet is a far cry from the friendly character we know, promising a horror movie that will redefine the way we see this classic story.

A New Take on Pinocchio – First Look


Credit: Jagged Edge Productions

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Reimagining a Classic

Pinocchio: Unstrung is part of a growing trend of reimagining public domain characters in horror settings. This approach offers a fresh perspective on familiar tales, injecting them with a sense of dread and terror that is both novel and deeply unsettling.

The Terrifying First Look

The first look at the film reveals a Pinocchio that is a stark contrast to the character’s traditional portrayal. The image is designed to evoke fear and discomfort, setting the tone for what audiences can expect from this horror adaptation.

Jagged Edged Productions’ Horror Universe


Credit: Jagged Edge Productions

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Expanding the Horror Universe

Jagged Edged Productions is known for its horror adaptations of classic characters. With Pinocchio: Unstrung, the company is expanding its horror universe, which already includes Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. The studio is also working on horror adaptations of Bambi and Peter Pan.

Cinematic Universe Plans

The producers have hinted at a cinematic universe situation, with unannounced characters from this universe to be revealed in the closing credits of Pooh 2. This suggests a broader plan to interconnect these horror adaptations, creating a unique and terrifying cinematic universe.

Production and Release Details


Credit: Small Screen

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Upcoming Production and Release

Pinocchio: Unstrung is set to go into production this summer, with a planned late 2024 theatrical release. Casting and director news are expected to be announced soon, adding further anticipation to this already intriguing project.

Director Rhys Frake-Waterfield’s Vision

Director Rhys Frake-Waterfield, known for his work on Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, has expressed his desire to create a world where these horror adaptations can crossover. His vision for a horror-infused reimagining of classic stories is both bold and innovative.

Final Thoughts on this upcoming Pinocchio horror movie


Credit: Netflix

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The first look at the Pinocchio horror movie, Pinocchio: Unstrung, offers a glimpse into a dark and terrifying reimagining of a beloved tale. This adaptation is set to challenge our perceptions of familiar characters and stories, bringing them into a new, spine-tingling light. Jagged Edged Productions’ approach to these classic tales is not just about horror for horror’s sake; it’s about exploring the darker facets of these well-known narratives, uncovering the fears and anxieties that lie beneath their surfaces.

As we await the release of Pinocchio: Unstrung, the anticipation and curiosity among horror fans and moviegoers continue to grow. This film promises to be more than just a simple retelling; it’s poised to be a journey into the depths of horror, where familiar tales are transformed into something wholly original and deeply unsettling. With its late 2024 release, Pinocchio: Unstrung is shaping up to be a landmark film in the horror genre, redefining how we view the stories we thought we knew so well.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching this Pinocchio horror movie when it’s finally released in cinemas? We’d love to hear from you.

Pinocchio: Unstrung will be released soon in cinemas.