Finn Jones Teases His Return As Iron Fist In The MCU


The whispers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have turned into thunderous chatter with the news that Finn Jones is likely to reprise his role as Iron Fist.

Recently, through a cryptic Instagram Story (via CoveredGeekly), Jones shared a photo of a travel bag featuring the 125th and final issue of Marvel Comics’ Power Man and Iron Fist, sparking widespread speculation about his return to the iconic character.

This image, representing a controversial issue that ended with Iron Fist’s death, has fans and pundits alike buzzing about the potential revival of Danny Rand in the MCU.

The intrigue around Finn Jones’ potential return is amplified by Marvel Studios’ recent moves to integrate Netflix’s Marvel characters into the broader MCU canvas.

With the likes of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk and Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock making successful transitions to Disney+ shows, the prospect of Jones as Iron Fist joining this list seems increasingly likely.

This speculation is further bolstered by Marvel Studios’ recognition of the Defenders Saga as part of the MCU canon.

Finn Jones’ Enigmatic Tease


Credit: Marvel Studios

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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Jones’ Instagram post, featuring the significant comic book issue alongside personal belongings, serves as a potential tease of his involvement in an upcoming MCU project.

While nothing has been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, this act of sharing has set the fanbase alight with theories and excitement.

It’s a classic case of social media fuelling the speculative fire in the superhero realm.

The Resurgence of Iron Fist

Iron Fist’s character, portrayed by Jones in the Netflix series, had a tumultuous run, with the first season facing criticism for various aspects including storytelling and action sequences.

However, the second season and the crossover event, The Defenders, received more favourable reviews, showcasing an improvement in performance and narrative engagement.

Despite the show’s cancellation, the character’s enduring popularity and the actor’s nuanced portrayal have kept hopes alive for a resurgence in the MCU.

The MCU’s Expanding Universe


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Integrating Netflix’s Marvel Heroes

Marvel Studios’ strategy of reintegrating characters from the Netflix series into the MCU indicates a willingness to explore and expand the narrative possibilities of these beloved characters.

The successful incorporation of characters like Daredevil and Kingpin into major MCU storylines has not only delighted fans but also set a precedent for other characters, including Iron Fist, to make their return.

A Potential Heroes for Hire Collaboration


Credit: Marvel Studios

Finn Jones has expressed interest in reprising his role in a potential Heroes for Hire series alongside Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, another character from the Netflix Marvel universe.

This potential series, inspired by the comic book team-up of Iron Fist and Luke Cage, would offer a dynamic new addition to the MCU, blending street-level heroics with the franchise’s cosmic escapades.

Final Thoughts on Finn Jones possibly returning as Iron Fist


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The buzz around Finn Jones’ potential return as Iron Fist in the MCU is a testament to the character’s impact and the actor’s portrayal.

While official confirmation is still awaited, the signs are promising, pointing towards an exciting phase for Marvel’s television and cinematic universe.

The integration of Netflix’s Marvel characters into the MCU not only enriches the narrative landscape but also rekindles the magic of these beloved heroes for a new audience.

As speculation turns into anticipation, the possibility of seeing Finn Jones wield the power of the Iron Fist again is a thrilling prospect for fans.

This potential return not only signifies the expansion of the MCU but also the enduring legacy of the characters that have become an integral part of Marvel’s storytelling universe.

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