Fallout Series In The Works At Amazon From The Creators Of Westworld

It’s been revealed that a Fallout TV series is in the works at Amazon Prime Video and it’s going to be coming from the creators on HBO’s Westworld.

It really seems as though Amazon is doing everything within its power to go up against Netflix.

The way they’re doing this is by leaning heavily on IP (intellectual property).

Amazon has acquired the rights to make TV shows based on The Lord of the Rings and the Three-Body Problem books.

They are both huge books and it’s now been revealed that they are also working on a Fallout series.

Fallout is a video game series from Bethesda Studios and they’ve made some pretty good games.

There’s a Fallout series coming to Amazon Prime Video


There’s a Fallout Series coming to Amazon Prime Video – Credit: Bethesda

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Amazon is now working on a Fallout series and it’ll be coming from the creators of HBO’s Westworld.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will be creating the new series together and they accompanied the announcement with a brief teaser video.

Fallout takes its name and inspiration from what everyone in late 1940s America feared would happen.

They feared a nuclear war and the subsequent fallout from all the radiation.

The video games are all set in the future of this nuclear war in the year 2077.

Earth is now a barren wasteland and is overrun by mutants.

The latest video game in the franchise was Fallout 76, and that didn’t get very good reviews at all.

Hopefully, Nolan and Joy will avoid that from happening for their series.

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