Ezra Miller Might Be In Even More Trouble Thanks To A New Rumoured Scandal

There’s a new rumour going around the Internet that seems to indicate that The Flash’s Ezra Miller might be involved in yet another scandal.

Ezra Miller was involved ina pretty strange scandal a few months back.

He was videoed in a bar in Helsinki where it looked like he was strangling a fan.

It was a really strange altercation and it looked like Miller’s days in Hollywood were numbered.

However, things have gone a bit quiet with the actor, until now that is.

According to serial YouTube scooper, Grace Randolph Miller might be yet another scandal.

Ezra Miller rumoured to be involved in yet another scandal

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Here’s what Grace had to say about this rumoured Miller scandal:

I don’t know about Ezra. I hear there’s like… I don’t know… Okay… I’ll tell you a little something about Ezra. I know that there might be something else about him coming out. And you know, we’ll just see if it ever gets reported. It’s kind of similar to how I heard that Kevin Tsujihara had something about him. I heard about that like months before that broke, that story about Kevin Tsujihara that was such a big problem for him. So I heard there is a little something similar with Ezra, and I don’t know if it will ever come out.

What do you make of this news?

Are you worried for Ezra Miller and The Flash movie?

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