Ezra Miller To Be Replaced As The Flash? Fans Speak Out


Ezra Miller is back in the news. Seems as though a number of DC Universe fans now want Grant Gustin to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash in upcoming DC Comics movies. This is something that’s been going on for quite some time, and it’s happening again after there have been new developments in the whole Miller saga. We’ve been covering the saga enough here on Small Screen, but I suppose we’ll have to go over it again.

So, the first question we need to answer is why the DC Films actor is back in the news. Well, it all has to do with the fact that it was revealed that they would still be starring as Barry Allen in the upcoming Flash movie. This was a decision taken by Warner Bros. Pictures, and it was then revealed that Miller was shooting additional scenes for the movie.

However, some people in Hollywood are not happy with this decision. One of those people is actor, Issa Rae. Rae did an interview with Elle Magazine, and in that interview, Issa called the actor a “repeat offender” after they were accused of grooming minors and charged with disorderly conduct, second-degree assault and felony burglary.

Should Grant Gustin replace Ezra Miller as The Flash in the DC Universe?


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The actor said in a statement in August that they were seeking treatment as they were “suffering complex mental health issues.” Since then, it does seem as though things have died down as far as Ezra’s controversies are concerned. However, fans have taken to Twitter to call for Warner Bros. Pictures to replace them with Grant Gustin in the upcoming Flash movie and beyond. This will most likely never happen now. However, fans are still pretty vocal about it.

One Twitter user posted: “Issa Rae is 100% correct. Ezra Miller is just one of the thousands of white folks in Hollywood that is not being held accountable for the harm they cause.”

Another added: “Grant Gustin is a better actor as the flash than Ezra Miller let’s not lie now…”

A third Twitter user wrote: “The Answer is Obvious! There is no one else that could play the “Flash” better than (Grant Gustin). DC would be stupid not to use him for the movie. I’d written to them before they chose Ezra Miller to play the “Flash”. DC turned down the notion of (Grant Gustin being the Flash).”

Not all DC fans agree

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However, it has to be stated that many fans out there do not agree with the idea of having Gustin replace Miller as The Flash in the DC Universe. One user said: “I’m all for Ezra Miller getting recast (not likely that’ll happen) but Grant Gustin, nope. Love the guy but nope.”

Another wrote: “No! I’m a fan of both of Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller and interpretation as Barry Allen/The Flash, but I think Grant Gustin is better off as the DCTV’s Flash and Ezra Miller is better off as the DCEU’s Flash.”

It has to be said that the reaction is pretty mixed. It does seem as though fans are torn on this one. Personally, I think that Miller’s Flash works in the DC Universe and Gustin’s works as part of The CW’s DC shows. I also think that eventually, Warner Bros just has to either drop the character or recast entirely. That’s the only way forward, in my opinion.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see The Flash be played by Grant Gustin in future movies in the DC Universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Elijah Ulrich

    As a Christian, I believe everyone does get some kind of punishment for anything wrong that they do, no matter what form it takes. However, I also believe that we should also forgive people who’ve messed up as bad as Ezra Miller, even Ezra Miller himself; after all, he did apologize for his behavior not too long ago.

    I also hold out hope that I can watch his Flash movie and, more importantly, I hope that Ezra Miller can turn to Jesus at some point; people like him can’t make it to Heaven.

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