Ezra Miller Has Reportedly Changed Pronouns Again – Back To He/Him


Ezra Miller, the actor known for their role in The Flash and other notable DC films, has reportedly reverted to using he/him pronouns. This change comes after a period of using they/them pronouns, reflecting Miller’s personal journey with gender identity. The report (via World Of Reel) has emerged amidst Miller’s retreat from the public eye, following a series of controversial incidents and the release of The Flash last June.

Miller’s decision to change pronouns was reported during their time spent with Hebrew rapper Matisyahu. This development adds another layer to the complex and often turbulent public persona of the actor, who has been a subject of both acclaim and controversy in recent years.

Ezra Miller’s Pronoun Change


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The Shift Back to He/Him

According to reports, Miller’s choice to revert to he/him pronouns was made while on a retreat. This decision, though not yet confirmed by Miller directly, marks another turn in the actor’s evolving public identity.

Public and Private Life

Miller’s retreat from the public eye and the reported pronoun change come after a series of personal challenges and controversies. The actor has been keeping a low profile, reportedly spending time on their goat farm in Vermont, away from the public scrutiny that has followed them in recent years.

Miller’s Career and Controversies


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A Turbulent Reputation

Ezra Miller’s career has been marked by both critical acclaim and personal controversies. From their breakout role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower to their portrayal of The Flash in DC’s extended universe, Miller has been a prominent figure in the film industry. However, their career has also been overshadowed by various incidents, including legal troubles and public altercations.

Warner Bros. and The Flash

Despite the controversies, Warner Bros. has continued to support Miller, particularly through the release of The Flash. The film, which faced its own production challenges, was released amidst mixed reviews but was noted for its humour and action sequences.

Final Thoughts on Ezra Miller reverting back to he/him


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The news of Ezra Miller reportedly reverting to he/him pronouns is more than just a detail about a celebrity’s personal life; it is a reflection of the complex and fluid nature of gender identity in today’s society. Miller’s journey, marked by both acclaim for their work in films like The Flash and controversies in their personal life, highlights the challenges faced by individuals navigating identity under the public eye. This latest development in Miller’s story is a reminder of the ongoing dialogue around gender and identity, particularly in the entertainment industry, where public personas are closely scrutinized.

Miller’s decision to change pronouns, while a personal choice, resonates in a broader context where discussions about gender fluidity and expression are becoming increasingly mainstream. It underscores the importance of respecting individual identity journeys and the complexities that come with them. For fans and the public, Miller’s journey offers an opportunity to engage in a more nuanced and empathetic conversation about identity, one that acknowledges the challenges and pressures faced by those in the limelight.

Furthermore, Miller’s career trajectory, intertwined with their personal life, sheds light on how the entertainment industry and the media handle the evolving narratives of celebrities’ identities. It raises questions about the support systems in place for artists dealing with personal struggles while under intense public scrutiny. As Miller steps back and reflects on their identity and career, the industry and the audience are also presented with a chance to reflect on how we perceive and engage with public figures going through personal transformations.

In conclusion, Ezra Miller’s reported pronoun change is a significant point in their ongoing public narrative, offering insights into the complexities of identity in the modern world. It serves as a catalyst for broader discussions about gender, identity, and the challenges of living in the public eye. As society continues to grapple with these issues, stories like Miller’s are instrumental in shaping a more inclusive and understanding discourse around identity and self-expression.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing what Ezra Miller does next?

You can watch Miller in The Flash, which is currently streaming on Max.