EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man 3’s Official Title Revealed

We’ve been told by an insider source that the upcoming Spider-Man 3’s official title is going to be Spider-Man: No Way Home.

This insider source had previously revealed to us that the film’s working title was Serenity Now.

Today, they reached out and informed us that the movie’s actual title is Spider-Man: No Way Home.

This is a title that’s been making the rounds a lot on the Internet and it turns out to be true.

The reason behind this title is because Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is going to be locked in a dangerous battle that’s going to take him into different realms of the Multiverse.

Therefore, Peter will be feeling pretty ‘homesick’ in this movie and will be longing to go back to Queens to see his Aunt May.

Spider-Man 3’s title has been revealed

spider man 3 title spider man homesick

Credit: Sony Pictures

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It’s already been revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is going to feature in the movie.

We’ve been told that he’s actually going to have a pretty big role in the movie.

He’ll also be serving as a new mentor for Peter – but in a slightly different way than Tony Stark was in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The film will also open the MCU up officially to the Multiverse, which will then be explored further in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

We were even told that Spider-Man could have a cameo appearance in that film.

Doctor Strange coming to the upcoming Spider-Man movie was hinted at in the previous MCU films.

They shared a number of jokes in the Avengers movies and they would definitely make a good on-screen pair.

There’s also the fact that Cumberbatch and Holland clearly enjoy one another’s company.

Hopefully, that will translate to the big screen yet again in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: Home Run is going to feature Doctor Strange

Doctor-Strange-In-The-Multiverse-Of-Madness-Doctor-Strange-2 Scott Derrickson Sam Raimi

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Homesick will mark the end of this Tom Holland Spider-Man trilogy.

However, that definitely doesn’t mean that he’s done with the character.

There are already rumours that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are putting the groundwork in place for a Spider-Verse movie.

We previously reported that Andrew Garfield had already signed on to cameo in this movie as an alternate version of Spider-Man.

We’re also hearing that Tobey Maguire is also close to signing on the dotted line.

Meanwhile, we reached out to Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios for comment on this story.

They have yet to reply.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more news regarding Spider-Man: No Way Home and the MCU in general.

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