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Evil Superman Rumoured To Be In James Gunn’s Superman Reboot


James Gunn’s reboot of Superman is stirring the pot with rumours of an evil Superman, causing fans to speculate wildly about the upcoming narrative twist.

According to industry insider CanWeGetSomeToast (via ComicBookMovie.com), the new Superman film, under Gunn’s direction, is hinting at a darker version of the beloved hero, possibly introducing a doppelgänger or clone created from Superman’s DNA.

The Dark Reflection


Credit: DC Comics

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Who is this Evil Superman?

The rumours suggest that the antagonist might not be the often-speculated Bizarro but rather Ultraman, a character from the Silver Age comics’ Earth-Three.

This version of Superman, a clone created by Lex Luthor, shares the Man of Steel’s powers but has a twisted moral compass, offering a stark contrast to the iconic hero’s righteousness.

Production and Cast


Credit: DC Comics

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What We Know So Far

With David Corenswet cast as Superman and Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor, Superman is already promising a fresh yet faithful take on the DC universe.

The inclusion of Ultraman as a potential adversary adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, expanding the moral complexities of the Superman lore.

Narrative Speculations


Credit: DC Comics

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What Does Ultraman Mean for Superman?

Introducing Ultraman could offer a unique opportunity to explore the dualities within Superman’s character and the broader implications of his powers and decisions.

This darker narrative avenue might also align with Gunn’s penchant for exploring flawed characters and complex moral landscapes.

The Bigger Picture


Credit: DC Studios

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How Will This Fit in the DC Universe?

With Gunn at the helm of the DC Universe’s creative direction, the introduction of an evil Superman could signify a broader narrative strategy.

It might set the stage for a more interconnected and nuanced DC Universe, where heroes face not just external threats but also internal conflicts and dark mirrors of themselves.

Final Thoughts on Evil Superman being in James Gunn’s reboot


Credit: DC Comics

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The possibility of an evil Superman in James Gunn’s reboot is generating buzz and excitement, promising a film that explores new depths in the superhero genre.

As fans eagerly await official confirmations and further details, the speculation itself is a testament to the enduring fascination with Superman’s character and legacy.

Should these rumours prove true, Superman could offer a groundbreaking look at what it means to be a hero in a morally complex world.

Gunn’s track record of revitalizing characters and narratives suggests that the DC Universe is in for a dramatically rich and character-driven era, starting with this highly anticipated reboot.

What do you make of this new rumour?

Do you think that James Gunn’s upcoming Superman reboot is going to feature an evil version of Supes?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this report.

James Gunn’s Superman will be released in cinemas in the United Kingdom on July 11th, 2025.