Everything You Should Watch While In Quarantine

‘Quarantine’. ‘Lockdown’. ‘Restrictions’. ‘Freedoms curtailed’. These are all words we are now used to – and we are still trundling through the Covid 19 pandemic, seemingly with not a lot of progress being made in returning to ‘life before’.

And, if you can bear to read the news, you’ll likely be reminded of your misery further still.

Restrictions – like staying at home – are again becoming more ‘real’.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of everything we can recommend you to watch – such as if you need entertaining, or you want to escape the world around you.

All shows mentioned here are on Netflix – and if they aren’t, the platform has been mentioned.

If you like the fantasy genre….


Credit: Disney

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It’s weird, it’s wonderful – and ever so addictive, enough so my relatives nearly had to prop open their eyes with matchsticks.

American Horror Story has a different story per season, and there are many twist and turns.

Who knew phobias were actually a cut?! And the cast is the same throughout.

If you can stomach it, Black Mirror is an acquired taste. It can be a bit too ‘on the nose’ at times.

Oh, and back in March, Contagion was a really popular film – but is not for those who wish to escape the current state of the world.

(It’s basically a version of what we are experiencing brought to life on screen.)

Love drama? You will love…

Money-Heist-Season 5 release date

Credit: Netflix

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Have you watched Money Heist yet?

If you need a drama with a difference, this is the one for you – especially because it’s told from the viewpoint of an unreliable narrator, during a robbery.

There are songs, family – although there are some shock twists.

Line Of Duty follows two anti-corruption police officers investigating fellow officers on charges of corruption – such as aiding and abetting organised crime figures.

The next season has also recently resumed production – so you can watch now to catch up in time!

Peaky Blinders follows the rise of the Shelby family, a gang of family members, who essentially take over Birmingham.

It’s set from around 1900 and has just reached the Wall Street Crash – and the ‘head’ of the gang, Tommy, has decided to shoot Oswald Mosely.

There are wars, shoot outs, ‘deals’ done in back allies, love and heartbreak.

Lucifer is also a popular Netflix show.

The Devil takes a holiday to Los Angles, and, while there, he becomes a consultant to the LAPD.

And also falls in love with ‘the detective’ meanwhile.

Crazy shenanigans also ensure.

We also won’t judge you if you watch it for the *ahem* eye candy.

And if you need the Nostalgia ‘feels’…

Run Sonogram Frog Family

Credit: CBS

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Life In Pieces is an Amazon original show, which delves into the sometimes maddening events of the life of the Short family.

John and Joan have three children, who marry – and it’s the life of the extended brood.

Plus, there’s always the weekly brunch with the grandparents….

Family-friendly, this is a heartwarming comedy you need.



Credit: Studio Canal

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Speculation is rife that Tom Hardy could be the next 007 – enough so that I wrote about it for this very website.

But you could delve back into Legend, the biopic where Hardy plays both of the Kray twins.

And, while the world awaits a new 007 film (sob), you could always catch up with the last instalment.

No Time To Die will be hitting our screens next year – but you could always re-watch Spectre, to re-cap the madcap adventures of Britain’s best-loved spy.

Avatar has also recently seen some interest – with a sequel in production, too.

Can we all also appreciate that Tom Hanks is an amazing actor?

He has been one of the best-loved people on our screens for a good few decades now – and it was so worrying to see that he had caught Covid 19.

Bridge Of Spies is a brilliant ‘epic’ of a film – especially because it makes history, which is often seen as dull by some, accessible.


come dine with me netflix channel four

Credit: Channel 4

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Tired? Need to quiet your brain for a little while, complete with a cup of tea? We don’t blame you.

Come Dine With Me and Don’t Tell The Bride were regular programmes, up until a few years ago.

Now, there are some episodes of both available on Netflix.

It’s easy to tune out, to let your mind go still – but watch in limited quantities.

There have been serious debates about bridal dresses in my household since – and none of us are getting married!

Coming Up

His Dark Materials Season 2

Credit: HBO

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With the closure of cinemas, and a lot of programmes, films and series’ putting production on hold, there is not a lot to look forward to.

There is literally very little media being produced right now – but here are two things to look forward to this year.

His Dark Materials. Now, we are all familiar with The Golden Compass, right?

A film that was released around a decade ago, it was, for want of another word, a bit of a flop. Philip Pullman wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy – and the BBC created a series adaptation last year.

Season one was an adaptation of the first book – complete with witches, armoured polar bears, and so much more.

This year will see The Subtle Knife brought to life on screen – with cast members including people such as Lin Manuel Miranda. (And here is what we want to see in the new series.) Don’t miss it.

A Christmas Carol is the first feature film by Firth Street Films – whereas the directing duo has been known for hard-hitting documentaries.

(Just looking up Attacking The Devil on Netflix.)

The story is told through the eyes of a little girl, and there is a modern dance interpretation – complete with voiceovers.

Plus, there are also some familiar names attached to the project. It’s a fully immersive experience and one with an epic soundtrack.

If you’re looking for something to do this Christmas, you should try and see this film.

You will not regret it.

What do you make of this feature?

Are you looking forward to watching any of these movies and TV shows during lockdown?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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