Europe Begins To Demand Vaccinations For Cinema Entry


AP Press over the weekend broke a story that countries across Europe are beginning to enforce requirements for entry into theatres and cinemas with a vaccination or proof of recent Covid recovery.

In Greece, this began on Friday and only children are allowed entry with a negative test.

This drive aims to push people towards vaccinations to prevent further spread and infection hopes to enforce further vaccinations within the population.

Elsewhere in Russia, Moscow enforced similar measures with venues such as restaurants demanding proof of vaccination in order to be accepted for entry.

France also has begun to enact similar measures with Covid-19 passes required for entry including into cinemas and came into action on July 12th.

Anyone over the age of 12 must now have a valid vaccination pass or show a negative recent test to enter a cinema or theatre.

Europe and Cyprus demands full vaccination status for cinema entries


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In Cyprus audiences now will only be allowed if they have full vaccination status, a negative PCR test or a person’s first jab was completed 3 weeks prior.

Anyone aged 12-15 must show proof of a 72-hour negative PCR test.

As the summer begins and other European nations enforce restrictions for cinema entry to deal with the delta wave with more countries expected, the UK differs.

In England from tomorrow most restrictions lift including face mask enforcement & social distancing, although both are still advised by the government.

Confusion from Cinema Operators in the UK


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Speaking to many cinema operators this past week, it’s caused a bit of an issue with what to do.

Many larger chains and independents are continuing with social distancing in a less severe form in an effort to protect both staff and the public, whilst also gladly having more seats to sell to open up revenue that has been battered from the pandemic.

Masks are still guidance for customers although no longer enforced, and staff are to continue with the stronger cleaning procedures and mask-wearing.

However, some operators, who found frustration at the UK government pushing the responsibility on the individual, removing masks from the restrictions but advising people to continue wearing them, have decided to do exactly that.

Speaking to one exhibitor from London they stated their reasoning behind their move:

We’ll just let them decide, reduce the overall capacity, but tell the customers it is up to them. The government have once again confused the message and let us all down. Expecting us to decide on enforcement.

Disney’s Black Widow continued to storm ahead across the weekend but saw a new challenger in the rise of Space Jam: A New Legacy and Croods 2.

Whilst early figures in the US suggest Black Widow may be about to be knocked off the top spot by Space Jam, the UK expects a lower box office gross due to the heatwave that has engulfed much of the nation across the weekend.

What are your thoughts on vaccinations for cinema entry?

Should this be the ruling across the country?

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