Eternals Director To Make A Dracula Movie For Universal

It’s been revealed that Eternals director, Chloe Zhao has been hired by Universal Pictures to direct a future Dracula movie, which is a great choice of director. This news was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Chloe Zhao’s currently working on Eternals and she’s just been nominated for the Best Director award at the Golden Globes for her work on Nomadland. That was actually a historic nomination in which the most female directors were nominated for the Best Director award.

Her next project is Eternals, which is sounding like it’ll be an incredible movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and probably has the best cast in any MCU movie. It’s been revealed that the movie she’ll be working on after Eternals will be a Dracula movie for Universal Pictures, which is just brilliant.

Chloe Zhao will be directing a Dracula movie for Universal Pictures

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Credit: BBC

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chloe Zhao will write, direct and produce through her production company, Highwayman. This new Dracula project won’t be like the recent versions of the Dracula character we’ve seen on the big and small screen. This upcoming Dracula movie has been described as an original, futuristic, sci-fi Western.

“Chloé’s singular lens shines a light on stories of the overlooked and misunderstood,” said Universal Pictures president Peter Cramer. “We are thrilled to be working with her as she re-imagines one of the most iconic outsider characters ever created.”

Stated Zhao: “I’ve always been fascinated by vampires and the concept of the Other they embody. I’m very excited to work with Donna, Peter and the team at Universal to re-imagine such a beloved character.”

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Chloe Zhao’s Dracula movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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