Doctor Strange 2 To Feature Anson Mount Black Bolt Cameo


It’s being reported that Doctor Strange 2 (Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness) is going to feature a cameo from Anson Mount as Black Bolt.

It’s a bit difficult to figure out where this rumour first came from.

I already reported on FandomWire saying that Black Bolt would be making a cameo in Doctor Strange 2.

However, that report was unable to confirm whether Marvel Studios had got Anson Mount to play the role or not.

Mount played the role in the terrible Marvel series, Inhumans, however, he wasn’t the main problem with the show.

It sounds as though Mount will be returning to the role after all if some ‘scoopers’ on Twitter are to be believed.

Black Bolt – played by Anson Mount – to cameo in Doctor Strange 2

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Now, having Black Bolt in the movie would actually make a lot of sense.

Doctor Strange 2’s trailer revealed that The Illuminati will be in the film.

We heard the voice of Sir Patrick Stewart in the trailer and what looked to be a tribunal.

Benedict Cumberbatch is shackled and standing in front of this tribunal and fans were left to connect the dots.

They came to the conclusion that Strange was being put in front of The Illuminati which includes Black Bolt.

The members of The Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2 appear to be Professor X, Black Bolt and Reed Richard.

There will undoubtedly be more members in the movie, but those are the ones that the scoopers seem to agree on.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Doctor Strange 2 at the cinema?

And do you like the idea of seeing Anson Mount play the character?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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