Disney Plus Joins Netflix In Password Sharing Crackdown


In a move that has ruffled the feathers of many a streaming enthusiast, Disney Plus has decided to join the ranks of Netflix in a concerted effort to crack down on password sharing. This decision comes on the heels of Netflix’s recent and rather aggressive stance against the same issue, which, despite initial backlash, proved to be a financial boon for the streaming giant.

Following a report from The Verge, it has been revealed that Disney+ is currently rolling out measures to curb password sharing, with Canada being the initial testing ground. Subscribers in the region have reportedly received emails detailing the new restrictions on shared accounts, signalling a significant shift in the platform’s policy.

The Canadian Test Case


Credit: Disney

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Disney Plus Takes Action

Disney+’s decision to implement anti-password sharing measures in Canada is a clear indication of the platform’s intent to ensure that its content remains exclusive to paying subscribers. The recent email communication from Disney to its Canadian user base explicitly states that sharing subscriptions outside one’s household is now a breach of their terms of service.

The Implications for Subscribers

For the countless Disney+ subscribers in Canada who have been sharing their accounts with friends and family, this news is undoubtedly a cause for concern. The convenience of splitting costs and sharing access to beloved shows and movies is now under threat. Moreover, the email has raised questions about the guidelines for streaming while travelling or on the move.

The Bigger Picture


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Following in Netflix’s Footsteps

Disney+’s move is reminiscent of Netflix’s strategy, which saw the company test various restrictions over a year before fully enforcing its crackdown on password sharing in the United States. The success of Netflix’s approach, which resulted in a significant increase in new subscribers, is likely a motivating factor for Disney+’s decision.

The Financial Implications

During a recent earnings call, Disney’s Bob Iger highlighted the issue of password sharing as a significant concern for the company. With the evident financial success that Netflix enjoyed post its password sharing crackdown, it’s hardly surprising that Disney+ is keen on adopting a similar strategy. Iger also mentioned the company’s advanced technology capabilities in detecting password sharing, hinting at a rigorous enforcement mechanism in the near future.

What Lies Ahead?


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A Global Rollout?

While the current measures are confined to Canada, the implications of Disney’s earnings call and the success of Netflix’s strategy suggest that a global rollout of these restrictions might be on the horizon. Subscribers worldwide may soon find themselves facing similar restrictions, urging them to reconsider their sharing habits.

The Future of Streaming

The actions of giants like Netflix and Disney+ set a precedent for the streaming industry. With two major players taking a firm stance against password sharing, it’s possible that other platforms might follow suit. The era of casually sharing streaming passwords with extended circles might be drawing to a close, pushing users towards individual subscriptions or official family plans.

Final Thoughts on Disney+ and Netflix’s password sharing crackdown


Credit: Disney Plus

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The world of streaming is evolving, and the recent moves by Disney+ and Netflix highlight the industry’s shift towards stricter subscription models. While these changes might be met with resistance from a section of the user base, they underline the importance of content exclusivity and financial sustainability for these platforms.

For subscribers, the message is clear: adapt to the changing landscape or risk losing access. As streaming platforms continue to invest heavily in original content and exclusive rights, the value of individual subscriptions becomes paramount. Whether these measures will lead to a surge in new subscribers, as seen with Netflix, remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain – the golden age of unrestricted password sharing is coming to an end.

What do you make of this news? Are you worried about this password sharing crackdown from Disney+ and Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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