Disney Plus Is Rumoured To Be Introducing An 18+ Section For Their R-Rated Movies

It’s being rumoured that Disney Plus might be introducing an 18+ section for their upcoming R-rated movies, which would be an interesting thing to do. This rumour comes to us from insider Daniel Richtman.

Richtman is claiming that Disney is looking into how they can get more R-rated content out there without damaging Disney Plus’ family-friendly vibe. That’s a key part of their image, and having R-rated and 18+ movies available to watch on Disney Plus won’t look too good for them.

However, one way of bypassing that issue is by hiding that content behind a password-protected ‘wall’. That, to me, makes some sort of sense. That said, I do wonder how it would look with Disney Plus’ current aesthetics.

What this 18+ section of Disney Plus could mean is that they can release their upcoming R-rated movies on the platform. They have the likes of the Predator 5 and Deadpool 3 movies to come on there eventually.

Disney might add an 18+ section on Disney Plus

Disney Plus has been released in the UK today

Disney Plus was released in the UK yesterday – Credit: Disney

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It also means that Disney will have a place to put the R-rated movies they acquired when they bought 20th Century Fox. So, this means we could see all the Alien and Predator movies on Disney Plus.

This was one of the main reasons why Disney wanted to purchase 20th Century Fox. They wanted the content which means they don’t have to licence content for their streaming service.

It’s a pretty shrewd business move since Netflix spends most of its money on licences, and Disney doesn’t have to do that. They basically own everything and rely on their own catalogue.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to potentially having an 18+ section on Disney Plus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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