Deadpool 2 Is Getting A Director’s Cut With An Extra 12 Minutes Of Footage

David Leitch has revealed that Deadpool 2 will be getting a ‘Director’s Cut’ of sorts with an extra 12 minutes of never-before-seen footage.


Deadpool 2 is already jam-packed with jokes, yet it looks like Fox will be releasing a version of the movie on DVD and Blu-ray with even more jokes stuffed in it somehow, an extra 12 minutes to be exact. We found Deadpool 2 to be a lot of fun, and on the whole, the jokes stuck their landings, yet we did feel that they could have pushed the boundaries a bit more with this movie. Will these 12 extra minutes of footage be what we were looking for?

Deadpool 2’s director, David Leitch, revealed this extended cut of the film during a recent interview with Cinema Blend. “There’s an extended cut,” he said. “And I think that they may want to spin that out as a special thing, but right now I’m sort of… we’re taking our time, and it’s going back to the ‘director cut,’ and then sort of collaborating with Ryan [Reynolds], Rhett [Reese], and Paul [Wernick], and making sure we’re all getting all the jokes we want – to have it be fun and our sort of fun collaboration.”

Leitch continued: “It was funny, because we shot… it was like an 83 day shoot, and it was a lot of material. But I kept telling the studio, and I kept telling Ryan, I’m like, ‘No, the director’s cut going to come in at like 2:12.’ And he’s like, ‘No way!’ And I’m like, ‘It is! It’s going to come in at 2:12. I want to make it tight. I want you guys to get a really tight first look at the film. I don’t think it needs to be bloated and I’m not that type of filmmaker.” That means that they’ll be an extra 12 minutes of footage in this extended cut (or Director’s Cut), and the director went on to say which scenes we should expect to see in this very special Blu-ray edition of Deadpool 2.

Image via @20th Century Fox

Image via @20th Century Fox

Leitch spoke of a montage scene after Venessa’s in which Deadpool tried every way imaginable to commit suicide, but fails every time due to his mutant healing ability. “The suicide scene is in there,” revealed Leitch. “And there’s a scene in the mansion in the kitchen over breakfast. There’s some extra Domino stuff. There’s a lot of fun little bits, and then a lot of alts! We’re looking for every place we can put an alt.”

One of the film’s writers, Rhett Reese, also revealed that a scene involving Colossus and a soap dispenser would be included in this Director’s Cut of Deadpool 2. “We had a scene in the kitchen in the X Mansion, which is one of our favourites. You see Deadpool say ‘ejaculated into a soap dispenser a hero,’ and Colossus goes (smells fingers). There’s an earlier scene where they’re in the kitchen and Colossus is trying to get the soap dispenser to work. And he’s like, ‘This won’t work.’ And Deadpool’s like, ‘Just give it a few extra pumps. I just filled it.’ The kitchen scene was fun. He’s labeling stuff in the refrigerator as he was told to do. And so he’s putting Velcro labels on, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead is not buying his go-straight routine. She’s like, ‘I see through you, you’re still full of shit.’ It was fun.”

I cannot wait to get my hands on this Blu-ray/DVD of Deadpool 2! Are you looking forward to it as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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