DC Comics’ Biggest Heroes – Except Superman – Unite in Justice League’s New Trailer

Justice League’s new trailer has hit the web and it shows all of DC Comics’ biggest heroes in action, apart from Superman, who’s notoriously missing.

Zack Snyder’s DC movies have come under a lot of criticism. We have to admit that they haven’t been the best films ever made, but there were some good bits to Batman v Superman, mostly Ben Affleck’s turn as Batman, which we feel is up there with Bale and Keaton’s renditions of the Dark Knight. However, Snyder’s films suffer from the same problem, they’re over stylised and under written. Snyder tends to concentrate more on spectacle rather than actual story and character development.

If films like Logan and The Dark Knight have taught us anything it’s that comic book movies can be feature incredible spectacle and have captivating characters. But we’re not going to judge a book by its cover, yet if Justice League’s new trailer is anything to go by, it’ll be more of the same from Snyder’s DC cinematic universe, just with a few more jokes added in this time around. Check out the trailer below.

As we mentioned above, we loved Affleck as Batman. It’s a shame that he’s not going to be directing the Batman standalone movie, but you can’t have everything unfortunately. It seems like it was just all a bit much for him to take on at once, and hopefully Matt Reeves will deliver something worthwhile. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was also another perfect piece of casting in our eyes and we really can’t wait to see what she has to offer in her standalone movie.

Gadot already proved that she was up to the task in BvS, and we’re eager to see where she takes the Amazonian Princess next. Then we’ve got the proper introduction of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Ezra Miller’s Flash. Miller’s Flash feels a bit like DC’s answer to Spider-Man at this point, which is quips and youthful energy, but hopefully it’s exactly what the DCEU needs. As for Cyborg, well, he’s Cyborg. There’s not much else we can really say about Fisher’s character at this point.

The Justice League is here!

The Justice League is here!

One of the more perplexing aspects about Justice League’s promotional campaign so far is the omission of Henry Cavill’s Superman. It’s not like it’s a big secret that he’s going to be in the movie, yet DC and Warner Bros. seem to want it make it look that way. We’re seen pictures of Cavill onset, and there’s also the floating dirt on the Man of Steel’s coffin at the end of BvS, which is a rather heavy-handed way of hinting at his return. Maybe after having given too much plot away for BvS in their last promotional campaign, Warner Bros. is keen to keep some mystery surrounding Justice League, but honestly, it’s not really working.

Justice League will be hitting theatres on November 17 late this year. What did you think of the latest trailer? Did you love it, or did you hate it. Let us know in the comments below.

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