Danny Boyle Is Still In The Running To Direct Bond 25

There’s a new rumour circling the world wide web suggesting that Trainspotting and 28 Days Later director, Danny Boyle, is in talks to direct the upcoming Bond 25.

There’s been some talk for quite some time now that Danny Boyle is the man that Eon Productions wants to direct their upcoming Bond flick. However, the production’s been in a state of flux since the script currently undergoing rewrites. That said, a new rumour is suggesting that the Trainspotting, Slumdog MillionaireSteve Jobs, and 28 Days Later direct is still very much interested in directing the movie, although he has just agreed to helm his musical comedy this summer, which has been written by Love Actually and Four Weddings And A Funeral’s Richard Curtis.

However, according to Baz Bamigboye’s tweet and The Hollywood Reporter, Boyle is still very much in the running to direct the next Bond movie which will once again see Daniel Craig star as the British secret agent. Bond 25 will be the last time we will see Craig as Bond and I would love to see what Craig and Boyle do together on Bond. I feel that Boyle would give Craig the sendoff he deserves.

Who would not want to see a Danny Boyle Bond movie?

Who would not want to see a Danny Boyle Bond movie?

That said, nothing’s been officially announced, and as far as I know, Boyle may decide against directing the movie. The last two Bond films: Skyfall and Spectre, were made by fellow British filmmaker and Oscar winner, Sam Mendes. They both came out to positive reviews, although, on reflection, Spectre was a bit of a letdown, especially when compared to the tour de force which was Skyfall.

Another name which seems always to come up when discussing potential Bond directors is Christopher Nolan who’s spoken about his love of the Bond movies on multiple occasions although recently revealed whilst appearing on BBC Radio 4’s program, Desert Island Discs, that he definitely won’t be directing Bond 25.

Do you think that Boyle is the right person to direct Bond? Which other directors would you like to see make a Bond movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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