Creepy Video Games You Wish Didn’t Exist

Among all the horror games like Outlast or Silent Hill, there’s a subgenre of horror games that take on a whole new level of creepy.

These creepy horror video games are full of jump scares, unnerving characters, and the wonderfully weird.

Here are seven creepy games you wish didn’t exist (but secretly want to play this Halloween).

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach

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Security Breach is due to be the 8th main Five Nights at Freddy’s game, but there are official spin-offs such as Ultimate Custom Night, Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria Simulator, and Freddy in Space.

The game is due to come out later this year, but there is no confirmed release date yet.

Should the game not drop before Halloween; its predecessors are just as creepy.

The aim in FNAF games is to survive fight nights without letting the animatronics kill you.

The first two games involved playing the role of a nightguard and keeping Freddy and Co from getting into your office.

Later games switched location, such as FNAF 4 where you play as a child trying to keep them out of your room.

Swamp Sim Horror (AKA SlenderShrek or Shrek Simulator)

As if the Slender Man games weren’t creepy enough; the internet has taken it upon itself to give it a Shrek themed make-over.

Shrek went from a beloved children’s character a creepy figure and a meme in 2014 with “Shrek is love, Shrek is life”, and the internet has not let the character live it down.

The same year, Swamp Sim Horror which is a Slender-game featuring Shrek came out.

The aim of the game is to gather 8 onions before Shrek gets you.

In a lot of regards, it’s funny, but there’s something surprisingly unnerving about the slowed-down version of All-Star.

It even has more jump scares than the original Slender as Shrek gives a “pre-warning” and flashes up on the screen, before he even gets you!

Spongebob Slender Pants

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Spongebob Slender Pants is a similar concept to Swamp Sim Horror.

It’s a Slender game which has been programmed to feature Spongebob instead.

In this game, Spongebob has gone insane and is killing the residents of Bikini Bottom (but it is confusingly set in the same forest as the original Slender game).

You play as Patrick and have to find 8 Krabby Patties before Slenderbob gets you.

Not only is Slender Pants creepy, but his laugh fits in perfectly with a horror game.

There are nice little touches such as the bodies of familiar faces spread throughout the forest like Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs.

Patrick’s sound effect as he runs away from Spongebob helps to lighten the mood, and really hone in on the fact that this is a Spongebob horror game.

Bendy and The Ink Machine

At first glance, Bendy and The Ink Machine doesn’t look scary at all.

The promo images look cute, and maybe just a tad bit creepy.

Bendy and The Ink Machine is a horror puzzle game; so not only is there a traditional scary storyline but you have to use your brain and problem solve too.

The game is set in an animation studio.

Henry revisits the old animator workshop after his old friend Joey Drew sent him an invite.

Thanks to the Ink Machine, there’s something very wrong with the studio.

Henry has to explore the abandoned workshop and revisit his demons.


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Boogeyman follows Thomas, who just moved into a new house.

He finds a note in his new room from the previous owner; a girl explaining that there’s a creature in the room.

Thomas has to keep the light on at all times and survive the night by listening for noises and movement.

It’s not as easy as leaving the light on, and hoping for the best.

You have to make sure your flashlight doesn’t run out and keep an eye on all four ways to enter your room.

Boogeyman has similar gameplay to FNAF4, where the object of the game is to keep the creepy Freddy plushies and animatronics out of your room.

Brace yourself for jumpscares!

Emily Wants To Play

Even the title Emily Wants To Play is creepy!

That said, the story direction isn’t what you’d assume by the title.

You play as a pizza man.

As you deliver your last pizza of the night, you notice that the house looks run down and abandoned, but the front door is open and the lights are on.

You stop inside to get out of the rain, and the door closes behind you.

The objective of this game is to make it out of the house alive.

This requires putting your thinking cap on like Bendy and The Ink Machine (but no puzzles!) and the survival skills of the other games.

Three dolls and Emily herself are also lurking around the house; stay away from them!

If you’re in a room with one of them, find a way to make it out alive.

Among The Sleep

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Among The Sleep is a survival horror game, which is largely driven by storytelling.

You play as a 2-year-old child who woke up in the middle of the night, trying to find a source of comfort.

As you’re seeing things through the eyes of a child.

The game relies on its spooky atmosphere to rake up the spook-o-meter.

There’s some basic puzzle-solving, a few monsters you need to hide from.

It’s more of an experience than a game.

That said, it is a very short game.

Most players clear it within a few short hours of getting the game.

If you want a long-lasting horror game for Halloween, this probably isn’t it.

What do you make of this feature?

Are there any scary and creepy games on this list that you might want to play?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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