Crawl: Watch Woman Take On A Crocodile In This Terrifying New Exclusive Clip

There’s a new clip from the upcoming horror film Crawl in which the film’s lead has to take on a crocodile while in a flooded toilet and it’s very tense indeed.

Crawl is very must on my must-see list of 2019, which is already proving to be a very good year for horror films.

There’s already been the likes of Midsommar, and we’re about to get It: Chapter 2, and now we’re hearing very good buzz about Alexandre Aja’s upcoming film, Crawl.

The film’s premise is a pretty simple one. There’s a huge flood in Florida (very topical) and this flood and lead to a crocodile being washed into a poor woman’s family home and she has to fight it off.

It sounds like a pretty terrifying situation to be in, and one which if I ended up in that predicament, I’d probably just end up screaming my head off, only to then have it ripped off by a very agitated crocodile.

This new clip from the film shows the movie’s protagonist, Haley (Kaya Scodelario), trapped inside her bathroom, which is flooded, and having to fight off a great big angry crocodile.

The clip is very intense and seems to give us a good flavour of what the film will be like when it eventually hits cinemas in the UK.

I love seeing this kind of film return to the big screen and it sounds like it’s been made with a lot of love and care, which makes me happy to hear.

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Crawl will be hitting UK cinemas on August, 23rd, 2019. Will you be catching it at the cinema? Let us know in the comments below.

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