Could Han Be The Real Villain In Fast And Furious 9?

There’s a new rumour/theory making the rounds on the Internet which suggests that Han could be the real villain in Fast And Furious 9.

This theory was shared by Screen Rant and it makes so much sense that people think it might end up being the case.

So, let’s get this started. How can Han really end up being the villain of the next Fast And Furious movie?

Well, maybe the first question we have to ask ourselves is how come Han isn’t dead?

He died in Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift which was set before Fast 9.

If you watch Tokyo Drift again, then it’s pretty clear he died in that scene.

So, how can Han be turning up at the end of Fast And Furious 9’s trailer?

There’s one explanation, Han’s not quite who he says he is, which means he might actually be the villain.

Is Han really going to be the villain in Fast And Furious 9?


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The theory actually suggests that Han is working for the criminal organisation in Fast And Furious Present: Hobbs And Shaw.

Remember, the guys who turned Idris Elba into Black Superman?

It’s actually a really good theory if you ask me.

This would give Han’s miraculous resurrection a really good explanation and it wouldn’t be completely idiotic.

I know that the Fast and Furious movies are basically an action telenovela.

However, I really hope they end up going for this Han is working for a criminal organisation theory.

I really like the idea of developing that organisation future and bringing them into the main Fast movies.

What do you make of this theory/rumour?

Do you really believe Han could end up being the villain in Fast And Furious 9?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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