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The New Christmas-Themed Horror Slasher That Will ‘Sleigh’ You


In the realm of cinematic terror, where the macabre dances with the festive, a new contender is set to carve its name into the annals of Christmas-themed horror: Merciless Christmas. Spearheaded by the Latina Empress of Gore, Cindy Sanabria, also known as Slaughter Cin, this horror slasher promises to drench the snow in blood and fear. With an IndieGoGo campaign relaunched to bring this chilling vision to life, Merciless Christmas is gearing up to be the holiday nightmare you never knew you needed, blending yuletide cheer with the spine-chilling thrill of revenge.

Set against the backdrop of Spanish Harlem, Merciless Christmas tells the harrowing tale of an ex-convict’s vengeful descent into madness during the holiday season. As the project garners support and anticipation through its crowdfunding campaign, the film is poised to offer a fresh perspective on the horror genre, melding urban legends with the classic slasher formula. The promise of originality, coupled with a commitment to diverse representation, sets Merciless Christmas apart as a potential new jewel in the crown of horror aficionados.

Unwrapping Merciless Christmas

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Plot and Premise

An Urban Revenge Tale

Merciless Christmas revolves around the grim saga of an ex-convict returning to his estranged family during Christmas, only to face a tragedy that steers him onto a path of ruthless vengeance. This urban revenge slasher is set to infuse the holiday season with a dose of terror and bloodshed, offering a narrative that’s as compelling as it is horrifying.

The Creative Force

Slaughter Cin’s Visionary Leadership

Cindy Sanabria, known for her work in horror hosting, filmmaking, and special effects, brings her unique flair and passion for the genre to Merciless Christmas. Her vision for the film is driven by a desire to fill the void in holiday horror and to spotlight the rich cultural tapestry of urban settings seldom explored in mainstream horror.

The Talent Behind the Terror


Credit: Bloodstained Films

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Cast of Characters

Stars Align in Spanish Harlem

The film boasts an impressive ensemble including Apache Ramos of The Warriors fame, professional boxer Hector Camacho Jr., singer and actress Judy Torres, and Eileen Dietz, known for her role as Pazuzu in The Exorcist. Their collective talent promises to elevate the film’s intensity and authenticity.

Production Dynamics

Filming in the Heart of Manhattan

With production set to continue in Spanish Harlem, Merciless Christmas aims to capture the raw, pulsating energy of the neighborhood, infusing the film with a gritty realism that’s as captivating as its narrative.

Funding the Fright


Credit: Bloodstained Films

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The IndieGoGo Campaign

Raising the Stakes and Funds

The relaunched IndieGoGo campaign for Merciless Christmas seeks to secure the necessary funding to complete production, covering everything from cast and crew expenses to marketing and festival submissions. The campaign offers various perks for contributors, inviting them to be a part of the horror legacy.

Why It Matters

More Than Just a Movie

For Sanabria, Merciless Christmas is more than a film; it’s a statement on the need for diversity and originality in horror. By supporting the campaign, backers are not just funding a movie but also championing a broader vision for the genre’s future.

Final Thoughts on this new Christmas-themed horror movie


Credit: Bloodstained Films

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Merciless Christmas stands poised to be a groundbreaking addition to the Christmas horror film canon, promising to deliver not only a riveting narrative but also a meaningful commentary on diversity and representation in horror. With its unique setting, compelling storyline, and dedicated creative team, the film is set to be a holiday horror like no other.

As the IndieGoGo campaign for Merciless Christmas gains momentum, the anticipation for its completion and release grows ever stronger. Horror fans around the world are watching closely, ready to embrace this new slasher that aims to not just ‘sleigh’ its audience but also carve a path for more inclusive and innovative storytelling in the genre.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Merciless Christmas when it’s finally released? We’d love to hear from you.

You can help support this new Christmas-themed horror movie via IndieGoGo.