Bruce Campbell Reveals Evil Dead Rise Will Feature A Female Hero

It’s been revealed by Bruce Campbell that Evil Dead Rise will feature a female hero as its lead and he also shared some other details.

Campbell was recently speaking to about the upcoming Evil Dead movie, and he revealed some interesting details about the movie.

This fourth Evil Dead film, which is now being called Evil Dead Rise, will apparently feature a female hero.

This comes after the Evil Dead TV show, Ash Vs Evil Dead was cancelled.

However, he and Sam Raimi are now working with a creative team to make a new movie, which will be a reboot for the franchise.

Evil Dead Rise will feature a female lead hero


Credit: New Line Cinema

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Here’s what Campbell has to say about Evil Dead Rise.

Rebooting can be very confusing and frustrating and not always successful. Reboot, sequel, remake; we have all these crazy terms. What we’re doing now is we’re saying, ‘Look, this is another Evil Dead movie and that book gets around, a lot of people run into it and it’s another story.’ The main key with Evil Dead is they’re just regular people who are battling what seems to be a very unstoppable evil, and so that’s where the horror comes from. It’s not someone who’s skilled. They’re not fighting a soldier. They’re not fighting a scientist. They’re not fighting anybody more than your average neighbor. This one is going to be a similar thing. We’re going to have a heroine, a woman in charge, and she’s going to try and save her family.

This sounds like a great way to expand the Evil Dead franchise.

It’s been all about Bruce Campbell for quite some time now.

I like the fact that he and Sam Raimi are looking at new ways of moving the franchise forward.

I also like the sound of a mother with children rising up to do battle the deadites.

It could be a lot of fun!

The film is being helmed by Lee Cronin (The Hole In The Ground) and is being produced by Sam Raimi.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching Evil Dead Rise?

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