Brightburn 2 In Development And Will Be Written By AI


In a groundbreaking move for the film industry, Brightburn 2 is not only confirmed to be in active development but will also be penned by an artificial intelligence. This revelation has sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood, prompting discussions about the future of filmmaking and the role of AI in the creative process.

The original Brightburn film, released in 2019, was met with a mixed reception from both critics and audiences. However, its unique take on the superhero genre, blending it with horror elements, made it stand out. Now, with the announcement of a sequel, fans are eager to see how the story will evolve, especially with an AI at the helm of the scriptwriting process.

The H Collective’s Bold Move


Credit: Sony Pictures

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According to Deadline, The H Collective, the production company behind the Brightburn franchise, has always been known for its innovative approaches to filmmaking. Their decision to employ AI in the creation of Brightburn 2 will create shockwaves in the industry, and it’ll worry many people who work in Hollywood such as writers and actors. I mean, the whole actors and writers strike is in some part about Hollywood executives’ desire to incorporate AI more into the filmmaking process.

AI in Movies: A New Frontier

While AI has been used in various capacities in the film industry, such as in visual effects and sound design, its role in scriptwriting is relatively uncharted territory. The H Collective’s decision marks one of the first major instances where an AI will be responsible for crafting the narrative of a major motion picture.

What This Means for the Future of Filmmaking


Credit: Sony Pictures

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The integration of AI in the scriptwriting process raises several questions about the future of filmmaking. Will AI-written scripts become the norm? How will this impact the jobs of human screenwriters? And most importantly, can an AI truly capture the nuances and emotions that make a story resonate with audiences?

The Potential of AI-Driven Storytelling

The use of AI in movies, especially in a capacity as significant as scriptwriting, offers a plethora of possibilities. AI can analyse vast amounts of data, including audience preferences, past box office successes, and cinematic trends, to craft a story that has the potential to be both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

Fans’ Reactions and Expectations


Credit: Sony Pictures

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The announcement of an AI-written Brightburn sequel has garnered a mixed response from fans. While some are excited about the potential of a fresh and innovative narrative, others are sceptical about an AI’s ability to craft a compelling and emotionally charged story.

The Legacy of Brightburn

The original Brightburn film carved a niche for itself with its dark and twisted take on the superhero genre. Fans of the movie are hopeful that the sequel will continue to build on this legacy, offering a narrative that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

Final Thoughts on Brightburn 2 being written by AI


Credit: Sony Pictures

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Brightburn 2 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films in the coming years, not just because of its continuation of a unique story, but also because of its pioneering approach to scriptwriting. As the lines between technology and creativity continue to blur, the film industry is set to enter a new era, with Brightburn 2 leading the charge. Only time will tell if this bold experiment will pay off, but one thing is certain: the world of cinema will never be the same again.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Brightburn 2? What do you make of the company being the movie using AI to make it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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