Bob Iger Reportedly Wants To Sell Disney To Apple


Greetings, fellow Disney enthusiasts! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been eagerly following the latest developments in the House of Mouse. The latest news to hit the grapevine is that Bob Iger, the current CEO of Disney, is reportedly considering selling Disney to tech giant Apple. While this is still in the realm of speculation, the potential implications for both Disney and Apple are enormous.

Bob Iger, who stepped down as CEO of Disney in 2020, only to return to the head of the company two years later, has long been known as a builder, not a seller. Under his leadership, Disney acquired Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox, transforming the company into a media powerhouse. Now, let’s dive into what a potential Disney-Apple merger could mean.

The Potential Disney-Apple Merger


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According to an article from Bloomberg which was then backed up by tweets from Grace Randolph and Scott Gustin, rumours have been swirling that Bob Iger is considering selling Disney to Apple. While this is not expected to happen immediately, it is now considered within the realm of possibility.

This potential merger would bring together two of the biggest companies in the entertainment and tech industries. Apple, with its vast resources and technological expertise, could potentially take Disney’s content to new heights. On the other hand, Disney’s extensive library of content could significantly boost Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV+.

The Implications of a Disney-Apple Merger


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A Disney-Apple merger would undoubtedly have significant implications for both companies and the entertainment industry as a whole. For Disney, being owned by Apple could provide the resources and technological expertise to further expand its content and reach.

For Apple, acquiring Disney could significantly boost its streaming service, Apple TV+, which has struggled to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Disney’s extensive library of content, which includes beloved franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar, could potentially attract a significant number of new subscribers to Apple TV+.

Final thoughts on a possible Bob Iger instigating a Disney/Apple merger…


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So, there you have it, folks! While the potential sale of Disney to Apple is still in the realm of speculation, the implications of such a merger are enormous. As we wait for more concrete news, we can only imagine what a Disney-Apple merger could mean for the future of the entertainment industry. So, buckle up, Disney and Apple fans. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

What do you make of this news? Do you think that Disney is really going to sell to Apple? Do you think that would be a good or a bad deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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