The Best YouTube Channels For Traders And Investors


Thanks to remarkable platforms like YouTube, people everywhere are looking at alternatives away from the popular shows on their television screens in an attempt to educate themselves on a particular area of interest. For traders and investors, the American online video-sharing and social media platform is the perfect resource thanks to a huge selection of must-watch channels that are housed on it.

The online world is certainly full of beneficial resources anyway, with people being able to unearth a wealth of different trading and investment education resources. Indeed, some of the best examples can be found on trading platforms like AvaTrade Australia, which provides guides on everything from how to trade indices online to using technical indicators to trade stocks. There is an abundance of material out there.

YouTube, though, serves up a goldmine of information that can be watched with ease and has been put together by a number of knowledgeable traders and investors who have clearly experienced success when navigating the financial markets. After all, participating in this area isn’t something that can be tackled without some sort of knowledge in it, making the plethora of YouTube channels that are out there a go-to resource for many traders and investors who are constantly looking at different ways of soaking up information.

So, if you’re keen to take a deeper dive into the world of YouTube and use the platform to help you with your trades and investments, then below is a look at the best channels to look at.

Steven Dux shares digestible information


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No matter how knowledgeable you are, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to throw yourself into something new that is perhaps tough to understand. Thanks to virtuosos like Steven Dux, navigating this occasionally tricky category is a great deal easier to grasp. A Chinese national who opted for a life in the US and subsequently managed to turn $27,000 into $3,000,000 before he was 24, Dux uploads content that is easy to digest and invaluable to his 250,000 subscribers. From useful tips for beginners to more detailed content around strategies and the numerous changes that occur in the market, Steven Dux’s regular uploads are well worth following.

Warrior Trading has built up a solid community since 2013

YouTube certainly makes self-learning a great deal easier these days, particularly for people who prefer viewing content over reading thousands of words. Warrior Trading is one of many channels that does an excellent job of educating people on how to make money through trading stocks. Founded by Ross Cameron, a successful trader in his own right, the channel is particularly popular with people who are wanting to learn the basics, while the content that’s regularly uploaded also takes a more detailed look at other more advanced areas of the trading world.

Ricky Gutierrez has one of the biggest channels on YouTube

An established channel on YouTube with over a million subscribers at the time of writing, Ricky Gutierrez’s expertise makes him a tried and trusted voice in this arena. Since 2015, the US stock market oracle has been sharing his knowledge around a diverse range of topics, such as stock market news and theories, cryptocurrency, and Forex. A wealthy man who has recorded notable success in the investing sphere, he is one of the youngest millionaires in Arizona and shares his knowledge and experience with his viewers in an easy-to-digest manner that will also help you on your journey.

Humbled Trader is a leading female trader


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Whether we like to admit it or not, it’s somewhat of a rarity to see a woman shining in this particular climate. Thankfully, Humbled Trader is one of them, with Shay sharing her in-depth understanding with her dedicated and loyal community of over a million subscribers. Instead of promising you a life of luxury, Shay does a remarkable job of making sure you’re aware of just how challenging it can be to flourish in the trading world. From beginner-friendly advice to interviews with thought leaders who have made a name for themselves, Humbled Trader is a fantastic resource to watch.

The Financial Diet offers a diverse range of content

Covering a range of subjects, such as investing advice, and offering a strong focus on elements in this field like emergency funds, The Financial Diet’s diverse range of content will certainly come in handy at times throughout your trading and investing journey. Not only are the videos professional and look the part, but the expert advice on offer is some of the best on the entire platform. As well as offering workshops and hosting helpful events for people to attend, The Financial Diet shares invaluable insights that the channel’s bustling community can make the most of.

Jeff Rose helps people achieve financial freedom

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Known as the Wealth Hacker, Jeff Rose is a trusted voice in this particular category on YouTube. For people who are striving to achieve financial freedom, Rose’s informative material is capable of elevating their trading game. From uploads around strategies and cryptocurrency to an abundance of videos on trading tips and learning about personal finance, this master trader’s must-watch content should be added to your list. Like many people who already have it in their lives, Jeff Rose’s YouTube channel really is fantastic.

The Chart Guys provide a more in-depth look

With over 180,000 subscribers at the time of writing, The Chart Guys must be doing something right. In fact, with a particular focus on advanced technical analysis and charting, this well-made channel is one of the top resources on YouTube for many people. Also boasting content that is suitable for novices, the analytical feast of videos that are capable of being grasped by anyone makes The Chart Guys an option that definitely deserves some serious attention. Whether you’re keen to boost your profits through daily market review videos or you’re aiming to master various strategies, there is so much content to get through here.

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