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First Look At BBC’s Dark Thriller Series With Doctor Who Star Revealed


BBC has unveiled the first look at its new dark thriller series, The Jetty, starring Doctor Who alum Jenna Coleman. This highly anticipated series, recently revealed by the BBC, is set to delve into a gripping narrative that intertwines a detective thriller with a coming-of-age story. Coleman, renowned for her roles in Doctor Who, The Cry, and The Serpent, takes on the complex and enigmatic character of Ember Manning, promising a performance that will captivate audiences.

The Jetty, written by Cat Jones and produced by Firebird Pictures, is a four-part series that explores themes of sexual morality, identity, and memory in the post-Me Too era. The series is set in a scenic Lancashire lake town, where a fire at a holiday home unravels a web of mysteries connecting a missing persons cold case and an illicit love triangle.

Jenna Coleman’s Leading Role


Credit: BBC

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Ember Manning: A New Heroine

Jenna Coleman’s portrayal of rookie detective Ember Manning is a departure from her previous roles, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Her character is described as complex and enigmatic, adding layers of intrigue to the series.

Coleman’s Excitement for the Role

Coleman expressed her excitement about bringing Ember Manning to life, stating that working with BBC and Firebird Pictures on this project has been an incredible experience. Her enthusiasm for the role is palpable, heightening anticipation for the series.

The Jetty: A Unique Blend of Genres


Credit: BBC

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A Detective Thriller with Depth

The Jetty is not just a detective thriller but also a coming-of-age story that asks big questions about contemporary issues. The series promises to be both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.

Exploring Modern Themes

The series tackles themes of sexual morality, identity, and memory, particularly in the context of the Me Too movement. These themes are expected to add a contemporary relevance to the series, making it a timely addition to the thriller genre.

The Ensemble Cast


Credit: BBC

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A Talented Supporting Cast

Alongside Jenna Coleman, The Jetty features a talented ensemble cast, including Archie Renaux, Laura Marcus, Bo Bragason, Amelia Bullmore, Ruby Stokes, Tom Glynn-Carney, Weruche Opia, Matthew McNulty, Ralph Ineson, David Ajala, Nina Barker-Francis, Miya Ocego, Elliot Cowan, Shannon Watson, Arthur Hughes, Dominic Coleman, and Ruaridh Mollica. This diverse cast adds depth and variety to the series.

Character Dynamics and Relationships

The interactions and relationships between these characters are expected to be a highlight of the series, with each actor bringing their unique talents to create a dynamic and engaging narrative.

Production and Direction


Credit: Netflix

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Behind the Scenes

The Jetty is produced by Firebird Pictures, a BBC Studios-owned production label. The series is directed by Marialy Rivas, known for her work on Young & Wild, Perry Mason, and Princesita.

Filming and Expectations

Filming for the series has wrapped, and it is expected to air in 2024 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The series is already generating buzz for its intriguing premise and stellar cast.

Final Thoughts on this new BBC dark thriller


Credit: Netflix

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The Jetty is shaping up to be a must-watch series for fans of dark thrillers and character-driven narratives. With Jenna Coleman at the forefront, the series promises to be a captivating exploration of contemporary themes wrapped in a suspenseful and emotionally charged storyline. As the series gears up for its 2024 release, audiences can look forward to a thrilling journey that delves into the complexities of human nature and the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of everyday life.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to watch Jenna Coleman in The Jetty when it’s finally released on the BBC? We’d love to hear from you.

The Jetty will be released on the BBC later this year.