Warner Bros. Montreal’s Next Batman Game Rumoured To Be A Reboot

The Batman video games from Rocksteady are some of my favourite games ever made.

Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City were absolutely brilliant.

I also had a lot of time for Batman: Arkham Knight.

In between those games, Warner Bros. Montreal made a kind of spinoff Batman game, Batman: Arkham Origins.

That game was actually not terrible, but it wasn’t quite as good as Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

However, I would put it a bit above Arkham Knight in terms of quality.

Anyway, it’s now being rumoured that Warner Bros. Montreal is making another Batman video game.

That’s not all though, it’s also being suggested that this video game will be a reboot.

This news comes from Sabi Wabii on Twitter who wrote the following:

Now that I’ve talked to multiple people on it… the new Batman game does seem to be a reboot. The name also changed during development. On the bright side, the Court of Owls is still a big focus, as I said before.

The next Batman game could be a reboot

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I love the idea of this upcoming Batman game featuring the Court of Owls who would make an excellent antagonist for a video game.

They are an organised crime group who’ve operated in the shadows in Gotham for years.

The Court of Owls took pleasure in kidnapping child performers from the circus to train and transform them into their assassins, known as Talons.

Going up against one of these Talons in a Batman video game would be very exciting indeed and would serve as a great boss level.

I’m pretty sure that’s the route they’re going to go down in this upcoming Batman video game.

It might not be a reboot as such. It could end up being more of a prequel with Batman having to go up against the Court of Owls early on in his time as the Caped Crusader.

What do you make of this? Are you looking forward to this upcoming Batman video game from Warner Bros. Montreal?

Let us know in the comments below.

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