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Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Boss Exits Show To Join Disney Plus’ Percy Jackson Series


In an unexpected turn of events that has sent ripples through the realms of television fantasy, Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix has undergone another change in its creative leadership.

Albert Kim, the showrunner who stepped in after the original creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko departed, is leaving the helm of the much-loved series (via The Hollywood Reporter).

He will be passing the baton to his colleagues Christine Boylan and Jabbar Raisani for the upcoming seasons.

This transition comes as Kim shifts his creative prowess to the Disney Plus adaptation of the Percy Jackson series, sparking curiosity and anticipation among fans of both franchises.

Kim’s departure and subsequent move to Percy Jackson highlight a significant shift in the landscape of contemporary fantasy series.

His tenure at Avatar: The Last Airbender was marked by efforts to maintain the series’ integrity and depth after the original creators’ exit.

As Kim transitions to his new role in the Percy Jackson series, the industry is abuzz with what his narrative and creative skills will bring to the adaptation of Rick Riordan’s beloved books.

A New Era for Avatar: The Last Airbender


Credit: Netflix

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Transition of Power

With Albert Kim’s exit, Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix is set to welcome Christine Boylan and Jabbar Raisani as its new showrunners.

This change marks the third shift in leadership for the live-action adaptation, reflecting the series’ tumultuous journey from animation to live-action.

Boylan and Raisani, both of whom were brought on board by Kim, will steer the upcoming seasons, promising a continuation of the series’ legacy.

Legacy and Expectations

The live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender has been under intense scrutiny from fans of the original animated series, with expectations sky-high for a faithful and compelling adaptation.

The show, which debuted to mixed reviews, has a dedicated fanbase eager to see how the new showrunners will handle the rich lore and beloved characters of the Avatar universe.

Kim’s New Adventure: Percy Jackson on Disney Plus


Credit: Netflix

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From Bending Elements to Greek Gods

Albert Kim’s move to the Percy Jackson series represents a significant transition from the elemental bending world of Avatar to the mythological realms inhabited by Greek gods and demigods.

Fans are keen to see how Kim will adapt Riordan’s intricate world of myth and magic, and whether he will bring the same depth and nuance to Percy Jackson that he aimed to achieve with Avatar.

Anticipation for Percy Jackson

The Percy Jackson series on Disney Plus has been the subject of much excitement and speculation, with fans of the books eagerly awaiting a faithful and high-quality adaptation.

Kim’s involvement in the project has added an extra layer of anticipation, with expectations that his experience and storytelling acumen will contribute to a series that captures the essence of Riordan’s work.

Final Thoughts on the future of Avatar: The Last Airbender


Credit: Netflix

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The departure of Albert Kim from Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender to join the Percy Jackson series on Disney Plus marks a pivotal moment in the television fantasy genre.

As Avatar undergoes yet another leadership change, the series faces both challenges and opportunities to redefine its identity and fulfil its potential.

Meanwhile, Kim’s move to Percy Jackson has injected a fresh sense of excitement and possibility into the upcoming series, with fans hopeful for an adaptation that does justice to the beloved book series.

As the landscapes of these two major fantasy series evolve, the shifts in creative leadership are sure to have a lasting impact on their trajectories.

With the worlds of elemental benders and Greek demigods set to collide in the realm of public consciousness, the anticipation and speculation surrounding these changes are at an all-time high, promising a new era of television fantasy that could captivate and enchant viewers like never before.

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