Ansel Elgort Is Being Called Out On Twitter For Alleged Sexual Assault And Racism

Ansel Elgort is being called out on Twitter for allegedly sexually assaulting multiple minors and also posting racist posts on social media.

Elgort’s been in a bunch of movies and was all set to become Hollywood’s next big name.

He was in movies such as Baby Driver, The Divergent Series, The Fault In Our Stars and he was about to star in Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story.

However, it looks like Elgort’s time might be up as he’s being accused of some pretty terrible things.

This all started via a tweet in which someone revealed that Ansel Elgort should not only be “cancelled” but “put in prison”.

This thread then developed into something which is really quite shocking.

You can check the tweet below for yourselves.

Ansel Elgort has been cancelled

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Most of Elgort’s alleged crimes are described in the replies to this tweet.

Some messages have been leaked in which Elgort was allegedly harassing some minors and sending them explicit messages.

It was then alleged that Elgort has a history of this sort of behaviour and there were even claims made that he’d been posting racist messages on social media.

However, these posts came from accounts with obvious pseudonyms so it’s not clear if these messages were really written by the actor.

There were also reports made that Elgort allegedly tried to persuade Sarah Paulson to have a threesome with him on set.

If these reports and allegations are to be believed, then it does seem as though Elgort’s time in Hollywood might be done.

What do you make of this news?

Are you shocked to hear these allegations made against Ansel Elgort?

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