The Andrew Scott New Netflix Show That’s A Secret Sherlock Prequel


In an intriguing twist of fate, Andrew Scott, renowned for his electrifying portrayal of Jim Moriarty in the BBC’s Sherlock, is set to star in a new Netflix series, Ripley. While not an official prequel, this new project has sparked the imaginations of Sherlock fans worldwide, as reported by ScreenRant. The character of Tom Ripley, whom Scott will embody, shares striking similarities with Moriarty, offering viewers what could be seen as a spiritual predecessor to the enigmatic villain of Sherlock.

This new series promises to delve into the psyche of a character that mirrors the cunning and charm of Moriarty, setting the stage for a captivating narrative. As we eagerly await Ripley, fans can’t help but draw parallels between this new role and Scott’s iconic turn in Sherlock, creating a buzz of excitement around what could be the closest thing to a Moriarty origin story.

Andrew Scott’s Transition from Moriarty to Ripley


Credit: BBC

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From One Complex Character to Another

Andrew Scott’s shift from the role of Moriarty in Sherlock to Tom Ripley showcases his versatility as an actor. Both characters are complex, manipulative, and deeply layered, promising a riveting performance in Ripley.

The Intrigue of Tom Ripley

Tom Ripley is a character of depth and intrigue, much like Moriarty. This new role allows Scott to explore similar themes of deception and psychological manipulation, drawing on his experience from Sherlock.

The Parallels Between Ripley and Moriarty


Credit: Netflix

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Character Similarities

The characters of Ripley and Moriarty share several traits, including their charm, intelligence, and a penchant for manipulation. These similarities provide a fascinating link between Scott’s roles in Sherlock and Ripley.

A Moriarty-Like Experience in Ripley

While Ripley is not a direct prequel to Sherlock, fans can expect a Moriarty-like experience. The series offers an opportunity to see what a young Moriarty might have been like, even if the timelines of the shows do not align.

Ripley: A Fresh Take on a Classic Character


Credit: Netflix

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The Series’ 1960s Setting

Set in the 1960s, Ripley follows the character as he becomes embroiled in a life of deceit, fraud, and murder. This period setting adds a fresh twist to the familiar narrative of Tom Ripley.

The Depth of Ripley’s Narrative

Ripley promises to be a deep dive into the character’s complex world, exploring themes of identity, obsession, and morality. This narrative depth could provide a new perspective on characters like Moriarty.

The Legacy of Sherlock and Its Impact on Ripley


Credit: Netflix

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Sherlock’s Influence on Modern TV

Sherlock has had a lasting impact on modern television, particularly in how it portrayed its characters. The series’ influence is evident in the anticipation surrounding Ripley and its lead character.

Filling the Void Left by Sherlock

With Sherlock having ended with no plans for a fifth season or spinoffs, Ripley could fill the void left by the series. It offers fans a chance to revisit a character type that they have sorely missed.

Final Thoughts on Andrew Scott in Ripley on Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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Andrew Scott’s new role in Ripley is more than just another acting gig – it’s a nod to his unforgettable performance in Sherlock. While not an official prequel, the series serves as a spiritual successor to Moriarty’s story, providing fans with a long-awaited exploration of a similar character. As Ripley gears up for release on Netflix, it stands as a testament to Scott’s ability to bring complex, captivating characters to life, and to the enduring appeal of characters like Moriarty in the public imagination.

Ripley is poised to be a must-watch for fans of Sherlock and crime dramas alike. It’s a series that not only promises thrilling storytelling and psychological intrigue but also a nostalgic journey back to the elements that made Moriarty such a compelling character.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Andrew Scott in Ripley when it finally lands on Netflix? We’d love to hear from you.

You’ll be able to stream Ripley on Netflix from April 4th, 2024.