What Happened To Ana De Armas’ Updates Twitter Account? Why Did It Mysteriously Vanish?

As a long time follower of the Updates account, I began feeling suspicious when 24 hours passed without any Ana de Armas on my Twitter feed.

I tried to search for the account and found nothing.

I went through my tweets, knowing that I recently retweeted them the other day, and lo and behold, I found the dreaded message: “This tweet no longer exists.” 

In my short but substantial period of mourning, I began to investigate, finding numerous conspiracies behind the account’s deactivation.

Was Ana involved?

Did the person behind the account decide to quit?

Did they receive a strongly-worded DM from Ben Affleck about the jabs at his Dunkin Donuts coffee consumption

Needless to say, this is spinning into a Knives-Out-level mystery and I am proclaiming myself as Detective Blanc as I navigate the web to discover the truth. 

What happened to Ana De Armas’ updates Twitter account?

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The Ana de Armas Updates Twitter account has thrived among Ana de Armas stans since its creation in November 2019, around the same time as de Armas’ groundbreaking performance in the film Knives Out.

However, this April brought the account’s popularity to a whole new level when it was reported that the actress Ana de Armas has blocked the Twitter account after a series of witty tweets about the actress not abiding social distance regulations during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Los Angeles Times reported, the last tweet before the blocking “featured photos of De Armas and Affleck — unofficially known as BenAna — out on one of their many strolls, with a comical caption that read, “Ana de Armas & Ben Affleck walk their dogs outside instead of praying for the pandemic to go away on Easter Sunday.”


The @ArmasUpdates account founder, AJ, had reason to believe that de Armas, herself, didn’t block the account, but that it was the actress’ agency or representative, as she isn’t very active on the platform.

De Armas’ Twitter is filled with links to external posts– she loves Instagram– and a few retweets from official pages of her recent projects, despite the very personalized list of people she follows. That is a mystery in itself. 

Just last month, a feud was unleashed between the official Knives Out Twitter and @ArmasUpdates.

Knives Out blocked the fan account and then released a series of tweets antagonizing them.

These past few days, De Armas fans were left directionless, not knowing how else to receive updates on their favourite star as the updates account disappeared on August 17 and despite still having an active account on Instagram — with no posts — AJ has not been reachable. 

We did our own research into this disappearance


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Reaching out to Ana de Armas Updates’ own stan account, Ana de Armas Updates Updates (@AnaUpdatesUpdat), I asked for a comment on the recent disappearance.

This stan account has been an Ana fan since Knives Out and is certain that AJ’s account will be back. 


I asked the account, “When did you notice that Ana de Armas Updates was gone and what was your first impression?” 

They said, “I just questioned other people about it saying “Am I the only one who couldn’t retrieve ArmasUpdates’ tweets?” But then I looked it up and saw an article that says it has been taken down.” 

I then brought up a conspiracy that I have seen floating around which paints a stan account dedicated to the actor Florence Pugh as the reason for the disappearance. 

What do you think about the conspiracies surrounding the account’s disappearance? I’ve been seeing on Twitter that it was a result of a feud between the Ana account and a Florence Pugh account.

@AnaUpdatesUpdat expressed that they have no ill will towards the Pugh stan account, however, they have noticed some instrumental factors.

They responded, “I saw those [the conspiracies] too. At first, I didn’t believe it, but when I saw that there are many deleted tweets, I was confused.”

Interesting. Deleted tweets? I knew nothing of that but I did see a tweet floating around where the Pugh stan Twitter was praising Florence Pugh and her boyfriend Zach Braff for properly wearing face masks during their last outing. Maybe that stirred some drama. 

I poked for more, “Deleted tweets? From the Florence Pugh account?”

“Maybe, maybe not. But basing it off in the tags that other people who were able to witness everything that happened, the Florence Pugh account is involved.”

It seems as though whatever happened was brutal, and while I was left praying for the return of the legendary @ArmasUpdates, Ana de Armas Updates Updates had some uplifting final words to our readers: “I just want them to know that if ArmasUpdates doesn’t return, he will still be one of the best things that happened in this year.” 

Just minutes ago, @ArmasUpdates reactivated, releasing a statement about their absence. They cited personal mental health in relation to bullying and a misconstruction of their sense of humour as reason, writing: “For the sake of my mental health, I voluntarily deactivated this account to take a short break. It got to the point where there was hate coming from all sides. For the first time, I felt that my account was a bubble for hate– even directed towards me, personally, as the owner of this account.” 

AJ goes on to write, “I want to take responsibility for the indirect nature of my posts allowing a breeding ground of bullying, misogyny, and hate speech in relation to Ana in the comments sections for her public behaviour, especially involving the relationship she’s currently in. I condemn all of that and I hope that if you follow this account, it’s because you’re a fan.” 

The account owner stands by his “constructive critiques” of the actor, saying, “I am aware that she should not have allowed herself to be portrayed by the paparazzi in an unfavourable light during our current moment in time. Furthermore, the tone was also used to highlight the inaction with her platform for social causes that need attention. There has never been any malicious or harmful intent with my platform.”

The situation does not appear to be as black-and-white as it is being portrayed.

The account has always been well-known for their undying love for Ana as they have stood up for her and her relationship with Ben Affleck for months, even telling The Cut that they don’t believe it’s a stunt relationship.

Regardless, they are back and hopefully stronger-than-ever. Its followers will miss the account’s unique and witty humour, but a person’s wellbeing is far more valuable than any Twitter laughs.

We wish nothing but the best for AJ, Ana de Armas, and the Ana de Armas Updates Twitter account. 

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