The Alien 3 Stage Play That Was Never Made


In the vast universe of sci-fi, the Alien franchise has always held a special, albeit terrifying, place in the hearts of fans. The dark, suspenseful environments, the menacing alien creatures, and the intense survival stories have captivated audiences for decades. However, there exists an unexplored realm within this franchise, a narrative that never saw the light of day in the cinematic world but managed to creep its way onto the stage: an unmade version of Alien 3.

A few years ago, the stage of Websters Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland, became the host for a unique and riveting production titled Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script. This production, a collaboration between local theatre company Shows on a Shoestring and national horror events experts Scare Scotland, sought to blend the realms of theatre and sci-fi, offering audiences a glimpse into what might have been for the Alien franchise.

The Unmade Script Comes to Life


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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A Different Narrative Path

Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script was not merely a stage adaptation of the film we know. Instead, it breathed life into one of the original scripts that were left untouched due to numerous alterations and directorial changes prior to the film’s release (via Charles de Lauzirka on X). The theatrical rendition, directed by Stevie Douglas, plunged the audience into the haunting, sci-fi ambiance emblematic of the Alien series, exploring a narrative path that the film did not take.

A Blend of Theatre and Sci-Fi

Through transitioning this distinctive narrative from script to stage, the collaborators delivered an avant-garde theatrical venture, spotlighting the unexplored narrative prospects of the notoriously challenging film. The play enthralled its audience with a spine-chilling, original music score and electrifying, action-packed fight choreography, while also featuring recognisable props and costumes that mirrored the nostalgic aesthetics of the franchise.

A Tale of Extremism and Crisis on a Desolate Planet


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Themes Echoing Today’s Global Climate

Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script portrays a harrowing narrative set on a desolate planet overrun by religious extremism and a neglected climate crisis, under the lead of a fierce female action hero. Although the script was written three decades ago, its themes strongly echo today’s global socio-political climate, rendering it a relevant and timely presentation.

A Contrast to the Film’s Narrative

On the flip side, the film Alien 3 unveils a scenario where Ellen Ripley crash-lands on Fiorina “Fury” 161, a dreary penal colony planet, following her escape from LV-426. In her ensuing battle against the menacing alien menace, Ripley stumbles upon horrifying realities concerning her link with the aliens, leading to a desperate struggle for survival against overwhelming odds.

Reception and Legacy


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Warm Reception for the Stage Play

Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script enjoyed a much warmer reception from its viewers compared to the film Alien 3, which received mixed reviews. This suggests that perhaps this script could have served the movie better, offering a different narrative that might have been more well-received by fans and critics alike.

The Future of the Unmade Script

While many cast and crew members have voiced their aspiration to revive the play, there are no official plans to re-stage it at the moment. Currently, the only glimpses into this intriguing performance are through the images that have been shared, offering a tantalising look at what was and what might be again in the future.

Final Thoughts on this Alien 3 stage play that was never made


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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The unmade version of Alien 3 that found its way to the stage is a fascinating exploration of “what could have been” in the cinematic world. It not only provides an alternative narrative experience for fans of the franchise but also demonstrates the potential for unexplored stories to find new life in different mediums. The stage adaptation of the unused script offers a unique blend of theatre and sci-fi, providing a fresh and innovative approach to storytelling within a beloved franchise.

In a world where the entertainment industry often seeks to explore new and innovative ways to tell stories, the adaptation of Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script stands as a testament to the creative possibilities that lie within unexplored narratives. It’s a reminder that even within the well-trodden paths of popular franchises, there are still uncharted territories that can offer fresh and exciting experiences to audiences, whether it be on the big screen, the small screen, or the stage.

What do you make of this news? Do you wish that Alien 3: The Unfilmed Script had seen the light of day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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