Agent Carter Rumoured To Be Returning To The Present Day MCU

Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter (a.k.a. Peggy Carter) could be returning to the MCU according to a new rumour on the Internet.

This new rumour comes from We Got This Covered’s sources, who aren’t always the most reliable.

That said, there has been chatter that Hayley Atwell could be making an MCU comesback at some point.

She was terrific as Agent Carter and her TV show is one of the best Marvel has made (I really mean that).

However, she wasn’t given the time she deserved in the MCU.

Then there was that whole thing with Steve Rogers dating her great-niece.

That was just so weird and probably a bit of a mistake on behalf of Marvel’s many writers.

Agent Carter might be making an MCU comeback


Credit: ABC

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Anyway, the rumour is suggesting that time-travel might be involved in getting Haley Atwell’s Peggy Carter into the modern-day MCU.

I would really love to see Atwell return to the MCU, and while they’re at it, why not get her involved in the Marvel Studios TV shows?

They are making a whole bunch of new shows which will be coming to Disney Plus.

I think Agent Carter would work really well in the Loki TV series.

I like the idea of seeing Atwell and Tom Hiddleston on-screen together.

They never really got any screen time together whilst they were in the MCU movies.

I think they would make a very good pair.

What do you make of this rumour?

Would you like to see Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter return to the MCU?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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