A Guide To Enjoying Watching Sports On TV


Watching sports on TV is the closest most people will get to the action this summer. As live tournaments and sporting stadiums remain closed to members of the public, most Brits are turning to purchase new TV sets to enhance their sports viewing experience. 

This is according to AO.com, the online electrical retailer that has seen TV sales rise by more than 173% YoY. and as more consumers look to get a piece of the sporting action, they have given out some advice through their in-house television expert, Lee Harper, regarding how to make the most out of your television. Keep reading to learn more about his expert opinions, as well as what 2,000 respondents to a survey conducted by AO.com, said about their TV as a focal point. 

  1. Calculate the Amount of Space you Have

Based on the size of your current TV size, it’s usually best to leave a good distance between your TV and your sofa. Just as with a stadium, it’s important to ensure you have the best seat in the house. This will not only help you see the full effect of the picture but also help prevent you from getting eye strain. For instance, if you have a 30-inch TV, you should leave a 3 to 5 ft distance. If you’re looking to get a 50-inch TV and above, we’d recommend considering leaving a minimum of 6 ft between your TV and your sofa. 

  1. Give it Some Space

About 53% of Brits agree that the TV is the focal point of the home, making it the statement of your living room. For this reason, give your TV a good amount of room around, such that you can really focus on the picture and the sound is not getting dimmed by the various soft furnishings that might be nearby. 

  1. Avoid the Windows

If your living room has plenty of windows, it might be great for natural light, but it’s not so good for the TV. Just as with sitting with the sun on you at the football, natural sunlight makes it difficult to see your screen. If there are lots of windows and you’re not sure where to place your TV, consider putting up opaque blinds for the nearby windows.

  1. Explore Your TV

Smart TVs have a variety of functions and features available, but don’t let these overwhelm you. Spend some time exploring and playing around with the apps available on the main menu. If you have signed up for an account with, say, a music streaming service, understand that some of these can be used on your TV, so you don’t have to worry about having speakers that are loud enough for a perfect pre-match atmosphere. It also allows you to make a decision on what to wager on and gives you the insight into the particulars of the game so you can pace a solid bet according to Green Betting Sites Ireland

If you’re into working out, you could use apps like YouTube to show your favourite workout routines to follow. To enjoy these apps better, make sure that you have a strong and fast Wi-Fi connection – a good connection will let you make the most out of your apps. 

  1. You Don’t Need to Be Sharp


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The latest 4K HDR TVs provide super high picture quality, that’s essentially four times the quality of HD TVs. When you first get your TV, it might actually feel nearly unnatural considering that the picture quality will be a vast improvement on your older model. If you find the picture to be almost too good, consider reducing the sharpness from your TV settings. This could help create a more natural image to enjoy the content better, especially if you’re out of practice watching footy on your telly. 

  1. Enjoy Better Colors

Newer TVs have a generally higher picture quality than what was available five years ago. If you do enjoy programmes where colour is everything, such as nature programmes and sports, QLED is a great option for you. With recent advances in LED technology, QLED offers billions of different colour combinations to display the perfect image on your screen. 

  1. Consider Getting a Soundbar

If you’re buying a larger TV to get a more immersive experience when watching action movies, the return of the Premier League, or flashback tournament replays, consider looking into home cinema systems or soundbars for that absolute audio clarity. These home cinema systems offer greater depth to the sound, ideally creating an immersive feel through sound alone. Soundbars are great for enhancing the poor audio quality from the telly without creating the feeling of surround sound.

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