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The 90s Action Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix That’s Pure Insanity


Netflix, the streaming giant known for its diverse and expansive library, has added another gem to its collection – a 90s action sci-fi thriller that’s nothing short of pure insanity. This film, End of Evangelion, is not just any ordinary addition to Netflix’s catalogue; it’s a cult classic that redefines the boundaries of animated storytelling. Originally released in the late 90s, this movie has garnered a reputation for its intense narrative and groundbreaking animation.

End of Evangelion serves as a conclusion to the critically acclaimed anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The film was created in response to the original series’ controversial ending, which left fans longing for more. This movie not only provides closure to the series but also takes viewers on a surreal journey, filled with symbolic imagery and deep philosophical undertones.

The Origin of End of Evangelion – the 90s action sci-fi thriller


Credit: Eva Committee

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A Response to Fan Disappointment

The creation of End of Evangelion was primarily driven by the fan reaction to the ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The series concluded with two episodes that left many viewers dissatisfied, craving a more definitive and conclusive ending to the complex narrative.

Overcoming Production Challenges

Despite facing production delays and budgetary constraints, the team behind End of Evangelion managed to create a film that not only addressed the fans’ concerns but also pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved in an animated feature.

The Plot and Execution of End of Evangelion


Credit: Eva Committee

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A More Definitive Ending

End of Evangelion revisits the last two episodes of the series, providing a more concrete and action-packed conclusion. The film delves deeper into the psyche of the protagonist, Shinji Ikari, while also resolving the fates of other key characters.

Artistic and Technical Brilliance

The movie is renowned for its artistic direction and technical prowess. It combines traditional animation with groundbreaking CGI, creating a visual spectacle that was ahead of its time. The film’s narrative is complex, filled with symbolic references and existential themes.

The Impact and Legacy of End of Evangelion


Credit: Eva Committee

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Box Office and Critical Reception

Upon its release, End of Evangelion was both a commercial and critical success. It grossed $19 million at the box office and received high praise from critics and audiences alike, achieving a 90% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Cult Status and Influence

The film has since achieved cult status, influencing a generation of filmmakers and animators. Its unconventional storytelling and unique visual style have made it a landmark in the world of animation.

End of Evangelion on Netflix


Credit: Eva Committee

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Accessibility to a Wider Audience

With End of Evangelion now available on Netflix, a whole new generation of viewers has the opportunity to experience this masterpiece. The streaming platform provides easy access to this iconic film, along with the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series.

A Must-Watch for Anime Fans

For fans of anime and sci-fi action thrillers, End of Evangelion is a must-watch. Its addition to Netflix’s library underscores the platform’s commitment to providing diverse and quality content to its subscribers.

Final Thoughts on End Of Evangelion on Netflix


Credit: Eva Committee

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End of Evangelion stands as a testament to the power of animation in storytelling. Its addition to Netflix’s catalogue is a significant event for fans of the genre and the medium. The film’s complex narrative, coupled with its artistic brilliance, makes it a unique and unforgettable viewing experience.

As End of Evangelion finds a new home on Netflix, it continues to captivate and inspire viewers with its bold storytelling and visual innovation. This 90s sci-fi action thriller is more than just a movie; it’s a piece of cinematic history that continues to resonate with audiences around the world.

What do you make of this news? Are you going to watch this 90s action sci-fi thriller, End of Evangelion, on Netflix?

You can stream End of Evangelion on Netflix right now.