4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The TV Show Friends

There are very few shows that have had the effect that Friends has had on so many people. Its inspired everything from shows that have tried to recapture its comedic genius to real-life versions of Central Perk, Friends has definitely left its mark on popular culture.

Indeed, this beloved show has garnered fans from different generations since its debut back in 1994. So much so that it’s still quite popular today, as it makes its rounds on the various streaming platforms. Despite its longevity, there are definitely some things that even the most loyal of fans still don’t know about this show. As a bit of fun, we’ve put together our picks of some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Friends!

Forever 29

Could a Friends reunion movie be anymore pointless!?

Credit: NBC

Continuity can be difficult to maintain especially for long-running shows. And while there are a bunch of tiny and inconsequential errors throughout the 10-year-run, one pretty substantial one has managed to slip through the cracks.

Ross, played by David Schwimmer, manages to be 29 for three years. There are three moments in season three, four, and five, wherein Ross explicitly states that he is 29 years old. If anything, this is a clear oversight by one of the show’s writers and doesn’t inherently have any real effects on the show. With that being said, it’s pretty amusing that they missed out on this tiny detail when the show put so much effort into the other aspects of the show.

Making Bank

Friends reunion is in the works

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Given how popular the show is, many of you are probably interested in knowing how much the main cast made per episode. Well, during its first season the cast made around $22,000 (£16,942) per episode.

And while this already seems like a pretty substantial amount of money, it pales in comparison to what the cast was paid during the final season. A Gala Bingo feature on entertainment facts reveals the main cast got a whopping $1 million (£774,000) per episode in the show’s tenth and final season. Quartz‘s piece on the Friend’s reunion details that cast also got paid around $2.5 million (£2 million) for signing on to the show’s upcoming hour-long special on HBO Max. Not bad for a bunch of guys that just sit around at a coffee shop all day.

What Happens in Vegas

Friends Casino Episode TV Sitcom

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One interesting titbit occurs even before the show ever began running. The show’s showrunners were so sure that the show was gonna be a hit that they took the entire cast on a trip to Las Vegas before the show’s first episode hit the airwaves.

The trip featured a nice dinner at Caesar’s Palace where they would come back to film Rachel and Ross’s wedding. The showrunner’s booked them this trip, as they knew that this would be the last time that the show’s main cast would be able to go out in public without being surrounded by droves of fans. Considering the show would go on to be one of the most important television shows in modern entertainment, it’s safe to say that the showrunners were right.

What Could Have Been

Let Friends remain in the past, where it belongs.

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Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow, is a fan favourite thanks to her wacky antics and her eccentric personality. Kudrow herself has been pretty much immortalised, as most people associate her with the iconic character. However, this could have easily changed if a certain comedian opted in for the role of Phoebe.

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres was initially offered the role. However, she turned down the role to play Phoebe. Considering DeGeneres is the second-highest TV host for her work on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it’s safe to say that things worked out pretty well for everyone in the end.

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