Vanessa Kirby Reportedly Cast As Sue Storm In Fantastic Four


In a thrilling development for Marvel fans, Vanessa Kirby is reportedly set to play Sue Storm, also known as the Invisible Woman, in the upcoming Fantastic Four film. This news has been met with widespread excitement, as Kirby, known for her roles in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and The Crown, is highly regarded for her acting prowess.

The casting of Kirby as Sue Storm marks a significant milestone in the development of the Fantastic Four film, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film has been the subject of much speculation and anticipation, with fans eagerly awaiting any news related to its cast and storyline.

Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm?


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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According to Jeff Sneider of The Hot Mic Podcast, Vanessa Kirby has been cast as Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four film. This news comes amid a flurry of rumours and speculation about the casting for the film. While nothing has been officially confirmed, the prospect of Kirby taking on the role of Sue Storm has been met with widespread approval.

Fan Reactions

Fans have expressed their excitement at the possibility of Kirby playing Sue Storm, praising her acting skills and stating that she would be a perfect fit for the role. Kirby’s potential casting as Sue Storm has certainly stirred up a lot of conversation among fans, with many eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

Fantastic Four in the MCU


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The Fantastic Four film is set to be a part of the MCU, marking the team’s debut in the universe. The film is being produced by Marvel Studios, and is expected to introduce the Fantastic Four team to the MCU, expanding the universe and adding new characters and storylines.

Previous Rumours

Prior to the news of Kirby’s potential casting, there were previous rumours about the casting for the Fantastic Four film. Actress Margot Robbie was reportedly offered the role of Sue Storm, but it seems that Kirby may now be stepping into the role.

Vanessa Kirby’s Career


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Vanessa Kirby has had a successful acting career, with roles in films such as Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and Pieces Of A Woman. Her potential casting as Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four film would mark her debut in a comic book film, adding another milestone to her already impressive career.

Final Thoughts on Vanessa Kirby playing Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four movie


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While official confirmation is still pending, the potential casting of Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four film has certainly sparked a lot of excitement. Kirby’s acting skills and her potential to bring a fresh interpretation to the character of Sue Storm make her an exciting choice for the role. As fans eagerly await more news about the Fantastic Four film, the potential addition of Kirby to the cast adds another layer of anticipation to the film’s release.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Sue Storm play Vanessa Kirby in the upcoming Marvel Studios Fantastic Four movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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