The One Reboot In The Works With Star Trek Director


In the vast expanse of the multiverse, there’s a universe where the concept of parallel realities doesn’t intrigue anyone. However, in our timeline, the fascination with multiverses has grown so much that it has paved the way for a reboot of the 2001 sci-fi action film, The One.

And guess what? The director of Star Trek Beyond, Justin Lin, is on board to helm this revival. Let’s dive into the weeds of this story that comes to us from Giant Freakin Robot.

The One – A Glimpse into the Past


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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The Original’s Reception

If you’re unfamiliar with The One, you’re not alone. This sci-fi action film was Jet Li’s early endeavour to showcase his leading man prowess to Western audiences. Unfortunately, it didn’t fare well at the box office. Critics were even less kind, with the film garnering a mere 13 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes, tying it with 2007’s War as Li’s most critically panned film.

Why Reboot The One Now?

Despite its initial poor performance, The One has become an attractive property for Sony to reboot. The film’s plot, which delves into alternate realities, is a concept that continues to gain traction in pop culture. Given the whopping $690 million that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse raked in for Sony this year, the studio’s enthusiasm for other multiverse narratives is quite understandable.

Notable Aspects of The Original Film


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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Jet Li and Jason Statham’s Collaboration

Despite its critical and commercial setbacks, The One stands out for several reasons. It marked not only an early leading role for Jet Li in a Western film but also his first collaboration with Jason Statham. The duo later teamed up for War and the initial three instalments of The Expendables series. Additionally, The One was among Statham’s early major releases, following Guy Ritchie’s Snatch and preceding his breakthrough role in The Transporter.

The Multiverse Concept in The One

The One was avant-garde in its portrayal of multiverses. Jet Li played dual roles – both the protagonist and the primary antagonist. He portrayed former Multiverse Authority (MVA) Agent Gabriel Yulaw, who hops from one universe to another, eliminating alternate versions of himself. His belief? Eradicating all his variants would grant him godlike abilities. Concurrently, Li also played LA County Deputy Sheriff Gabe Law, who joins forces with MVA Agent Evan Funsch (played by Statham) to hunt down his lethal doppelganger.

Final Thoughts on this upcoming reboot of The One


Credit: Columbia Pictures

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The reboot of The One promises to be an exciting venture, especially with Justin Lin, the Star Trek director, at its helm. While details about other talents associated with the reboot remain under wraps, including whether Jet Li and Jason Statham will return, one thing is certain: fans and newcomers alike are eagerly awaiting more news on this project.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to this reboot of The One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can stream The One on Netflix right now.

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